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Languages Available

DDD publications are currently translated in the following languages. Select the language below to view publications available in that language.







      • HCBS Waiver Information

      To Request Translation

      If you need a publication translated in another language, send us an email at dhhs.DDDCommunityBasedServices@nebraska.gov. ​

      Publications Available

      The following publications are available in languages other than English. Click on the publication below to see the document in available languages.

      Available Medicaid HCBS Waivers for Eligible People

      A look at the Medicaid HCBS waivers which may be appropriate for people with disabilities.

      Aged and Disabled (AD) Waiver Info Sheet

      A one-page overview of AD Waiver services and requirements.

      AD Waiver Assessment and Funding

      The process used to assess needs and determine AD services.

      AD Waiver Services and Eligibility

      Available services, eligibility requirements, and how to apply. 

      AD Waiver Quick Guide

      Brief descriptions of AD Waiver services.


      The paper application for Medicaid HCBS waiver services. Can be used to apply for any or all HCBS waivers.

      Available Services for Teens and Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities

      Explains the transition from school to adult services and what different services can provide during and after high school. Includes information from the Department of Education, Nebraska VR, and DDD.

      Charting the LifeCourse

      The Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) website​ is available in a variety of language by selecting from a drop down in the top right corner (similar to the DHHS website). 

      DD Waiver Assessment and Budgeting

      The process used to assess needs and decide budgets for purchasing DD services.

      DD Waiver Eligibility

      Eligibility​ requirements and how to apply.

      DD Waiver Quick Guide

      Brief descriptions of DD waiver services.

      How to Become an Independent Provider of DD Services

      An overview of DD services, provider qualifications and how to become an independent provider.

      Independent Provider Adding Services: Process for Current Providers 

      How an independent provider adds a new service with Maximus.

      Katie Beckett Program Info Sheet

      A one-page overview of the Katie Beckett program, which provides Medicaid to children with high medical needs.

      Olmstead Fact Sheet

      General information about what Olmstead is and how it affects Nebraskans.

      Participant Guide for Self-Direction

      How to work with an independent provider. 

      Ready, Set, Go!

      Resources to help young adults with DD make decisions as they move from high school to adult life. This project was funded by the Nebraska Council on Developmental Disabilities.

      Shared Living Fact Sheet

      ​Information on using this residential habilitation service on the CDD Waiver and choosing a person to live with.

      Tips for Teachers

      Information for teachers about DD eligibility, services, funding, resources for students and a timeline.

      Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver Info Sheet

      A one-page overview of TBI Waiver services and requirements.

      What do I Need to Know about Medicaid?

      What applicants and participants need to know about Medicaid.

      To Request Translation

      If you need a publication translated in another language, send us an email at dhhs.DDDCommunityBasedServices@nebraska.gov