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The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) Immunization Program aims to protect people against known and emerging infectious diseases here in Nebraska by enhancing the availability of vaccines through partnerships with community providers throughout Nebraska.


The mission of the Immunization Program is to improve the quality and longevity of life for the people of Nebraska by achieving and maintaining a vaccine-preventable disease free environment.

This program works to protect Nebraskans of all ages from vaccine-preventable disease by:

  • Raising awareness of the critical need for timely immunizations
  • Increasing public understanding of the benefits of vaccines
  • Increasing confidence in the safety of vaccines
  • Ensuring that all families have access to lifesaving vaccines
  • Recognizing policies that support timely vaccination
  • Offering vaccine related resource for providers and parents

The NDHHS Immunization Program has three programs:

  • Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program
  • Adult Immunization Program (AIP)
  • Perinatal Hepatitis B Vaccine Program

View the Nebraska VFC and AIP Providers Locator Map.

Program Partners:

  • local health departments
  • some private providers
  • Federally  Qualified Health Clinics
  • Community based clinics

View the Public Health Immunization Clinics in Nebraska

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 Note: The DHHS Immunization Program does not provide vaccine administration services.
DHHS Immunization Program 
Department of Health & Human Services
DHHS Immunization Program Contact List
Phone Number
(402) 471-6423
Toll Free Number
(800) 798-1696
Fax Number
(402) 471-6426
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 95026, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5026