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What would you like to do?

What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know


Nebraska law permits the Division to regulate the use of public funds for services.  The most recent regulations were published in June 2014 and revised in April 2015 as Nebraska Administrative Code Title 206.  Watch the Nebraska Secretary of State website for public hearings.

Follow these links to Division regulations found at 202 and 206 NAC (Nebraska Administrative Code):


Contracts allow the Division to work directly with service providers, and regions.  Search contracts on the Department of Administrative Services website.

Guidance documents

Guidance documents give the Division flexibility to encourage activities in support of its mission without the burden of the regulatory process or strictness of contracts.  Individuals, organizations and regions use guidance documents to standardize work.  View our guidance documents.

​​​Regional Administrative Forms

​​These forms are available for the regional administration teams to ensure that they have access to the most recent version of these administrative documents. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Network Specialist assigned to your region for assistance.

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