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​DHHS supports Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) services at the Nebraska DHHS (Central Office), the Douglas County Health Department and the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department.  These specialists are trained by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They provide:

  • Confidential, culturally competent disease intervention and prevention services;
  • STD testing and treatment referral-free or low cost; and
  • Extend STD testing and treatment referral for partners, associate, and suspected companions.

The two county health departments in Lincoln and Omaha operate confidential STD clinics. HIV testing is also available at these locations. A testing fee is charged unless the client is unable to pay.

Need to Know

Confidentiality and Surveillance

STD reports are strictly confidential. In Nebraska, as in most states, syphilis; gonorrhea; HIV/AIDS; and chlamydia are reported to the appropriate health department. Laboratories and health care providers provide the health department with information for controlling and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Prompt reporting and accurate identification is important:

  • For clients that may need treatment,
  • For identifying sex partners who may be infected, and
  • For monitoring disease trends.

Statistical Maps

Rates of Reported Chlamydia Infections, by County in 2018

Rates of Reported Gonorrhea Infections, by County in 2018

Average Annual Rate of Reported Primary and Secondary Syphilis Infections 2014 through 2018


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