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​​​​​​​​​​​When the Nebraska Health Care Funding Act was passed in May 2001, 16 new multi-county health departments were created. As a result, all Nebraska counties are now covered by a local health department. The Office of Community Health provides technical assistance to all local public health departments and monitors the funds that are distributed under the Act.

Nebraska Revised Statute 71-1629 - 71-1635

Nebraska Associations

Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors - This association is local public health departments' center of excellence in leadership, best practices, research, partnership, support, and training.
Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors

Nebraska Hospital Association - The Nebraska Hospital Association represents Nebraska's hospitals and health systems. It provides the hospitals with state and federal legislative advocacy, health care trend and regulatory information, educational programming, communication, and data reports.
Nebraska Hospital Association 

Nebraska Rural Health Association - This association works for stronger rural and regional representation in setting rural health policy.
Nebraska Rural Health Association 

Nebraska Environmental Health Association - This organization of volunteers is dedicated to the environmental health profession, which includes the protection of public health and the environment.
Nebraska Environmental Health Association 

Public Health Association of Nebraska - This group is active in identifying and resolving Nebraska's health problems. It provides a forum for discussion and advocacy of the significant public health concerns facing Nebraska.
Public Health Association of Nebraska 

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