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​​LIHEAP Automatic Heating Payments

In order to align with the receipt of Federal funds, DHHS plans to begin issuing LIHEAP automatic heating payments on behalf of eligible households during the week of December 5th, 2022. Eligible Nebraskans will receive a notice at that time. If you currently have a shut-off notice or are in danger of receiving a shut-off notice from your heating provider, please call (800) 383-4278 for assistance.

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Para alinearse con la recepción de fondos federales, el DHHS planea comenzar a emitir pagos automáticos de calefacción LIHEAP en nombre de los hogares elegibles durante la semana del 5 de diciembre de 2022. Los residentes de Nebraska elegibles recibirán un aviso en ese momento. Si actualmente tiene un aviso de desconección está en peligro de recibir un aviso de desconección de su proveedor de calefacción, llame al (800) 383-4278 para obtener ayuda.​​

State Plan

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The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low income households stay safe and healthy by providing financial assistance to offset the costs of heating and cooling. LIHEAP particularly helps households that pay a high portion of household income for home energy to meet immediate home energy needs.

The LIHEAP Program provides heating assistance, cooling assistance, year round crisis assistance, emergency furnace repair and replacement, fan program and weatherization services for eligible Nebraska citizens/households. LIHEAP in Nebraska is solely funded through a federal grant (no general fund authority for aid).  

For further assistance, or an application, contact the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services office in your county.​

LIHEAP Maximum Allowable Income​
(October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023)
Household Size
LIHEAP Gross Income Limit
(150% of Federal Poverty Level)
* For each additional household member, add $7,080.

How does a person apply for assistance from LIHEAP?

They can either apply by phone, electronic application or paper application.

Where do I apply?

They can apply by filling out an application via the ACCESSNebraska website: or by calling ACCESSNebraska at (800) 383-4278

Heating Assistance

Heating season runs from October 1st to March 31st. If the household has an active Economic Assistance case, LIHEAP eligibility can be determined without requiring the household to submit a new application. If the household does not have an active Economic Assistance case, the household must submit an agency approved application to have eligibility for the LIHEAP program determined. This assistance is paid directly to their heating provider. If there is no active EA assistance, the household will need to submit an application for LIHEAP consideration.

Cooling Assistance

The cooling season runs from June 1st to August 31st. To qualify for cooling assistance, a household must qualify for LIHEAP and include a household member who:

  • Is a child under age 6 who receives ADC
  • Is age 70 or older
  • Has a severe illness or condition which is aggravated by extreme heat as verified by a medical statement signed by a licensed healthcare provider
  • DHHS has purchased an air conditioner for the household within four years of the current application date

If a household member has a severe illness or condition which is aggravated by extreme heat an IM-55 is required for medical verification of need for cooling. This information has to be updated annually unless the medical condition has been verified as longer the one year in duration.

Fan Program

Nebraska DHHS administers funds to local organizations that purchase and distribute fans to those in need.  Eligibility for this service is determined by the organizations distributing the fans.  Organizations typically begin distributing fans around June 1st.  View Fan Program Contacts for the participating organizations.

Crisis Program

Assists households that are under immediate threat of loss of home energy because it has received a shut off notice, had utilities discontinued, lacks energy service delivery or anticipates removal from a provider's budget plan that occurred in the last 90 days. Crisis assistance is made available to eligible households throughout the program year

Deposit Assistance

To qualify for assistance with a deposit or reconnect fee, the household must be eligible for crisis assistance and must have received no deposit or reconnect assistance for the same fuel type within the previous 36 months unless extenuating circumstances exist in the Department's discretion.

Window Air Conditioning Unit Assistance

To qualify for assistance to purchase a window air conditioning unit, the household must be eligible for cooling assistance, provide estimates for the cost of purchase as requested by the Department and have received no assistance to purchase a window air conditioning unit within the previous 60 months, unless extenuating circumstances exist as determined in the Department's discretion.

Repair/Replacement Program

To qualify for repair or replacement assistance for a furnace or central air conditioner in a home owned or being purchased by a household, the household must be eligible for LIHEAP heating (for furnace) or cooling (for air conditioning) assistance. The Program pays a maximum of $750.00 for repair or replacement. Assistance with these repairs cannot occur more than once every 60 months.