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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Women's and Men's Health within the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provides preventive screening programs and services, education and information to Nebraska women on breast and cervical cancer, cardiovascular (heart) disease​ and diabetes.  Education and information is also provided to Nebraska men and women on colon cancer.  Women's and Men's Health also provides health and wellness information for living a healthy life.


Every Woman Matters Enrollment Age and Income Guidelines Update: 
Starting November 1, 2023, Every Woman Matters has changed its enrollment age from 40 years of age to 35.  It has also increased the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines from 225% to 250%.  

The program will be updating the website and forms as appropriate.    

Every Woman Matters and the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Programs have an online enrollment called a Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire (HLQ):  



Every Woman Matters Program

Since 1991, Every Woman Matters has helped Nebraska women get their breast (mammography) and cervical (Pap test) preventive screenings. In 2001, the program added heart health (blood pressure) and diabetes (blood glucose, cholesterol) screenings. The program may pay for exams based on healthy history and program guidelines.

Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program

The Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program offers enrollment, screening and education information to Nebraska men and women who are 45-74 years of age. Tests and services may include a home based screening test (FIT) and/or colonoscopy. All screenings are based upon family and personal history.

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