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​Things to know about family history (genealogy).

  • Nebraska Vital Records only has information about events that took place in Nebraska.
  • Only records that are 50 years old or older may be requested for family history as stated in the Rules and Regulations Chapter 3 para 3-004.06 Genealogical Use.    
  • Birth and death records start in 1904.
  • Marriage and divorce records start in 1909.
  • Some counties kept records in ledgers before 1904 & 1909.
  • From 1904 to 1911 births were usually filed only under the father's name and didn't list the name of the child. This was only to register the birth, not to create a birth certificate.
  • Certificates for births started in 1912. Beginning in 1941, a person born in Nebraska before 1905 could ask to have their birth record put on file (delayed birth).
  • In 1985, birth and death certificates were sent to Nebraska Vital Records in Lincoln, Nebraska. (except for Lancaster & Douglas Counties)
  • For marriages before 1909, contact the county where the marriage license was filed or the Neb​raska State Historical Society.
  • For divorces before 1909, check with the Clerk of the District Court in the county where the divorce was granted.
  • Before October 1, 1985, all delayed birth records granted by the courts were filed with Nebraska Vital Records in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • If no record is found, a "no record" is sent, and the search fee is kept.
  • Vital Records does not keep census records. Check with the U.S. Census Bureau.