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What you need to know

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    Home and Community-Based Services - Spending Plan Submitted

    Nebraska Medicaid sent to the federal government its proposed initial spending plan on July 12, 2021, for the additional funds available for home and community based services (HCBS) through the American Rescue Plan Act. This plan is subject to approval by the federal government and may change before it is approved. 

    A copy of the spending plan is below:

    After Nebraska's spending plan is approved,  Nebraska will submit quarterly updates on the plan as part of federal approval.​

    Liberty Healthcare Corporation

    DDD has contracted with Liberty as a Quality Improvement Organization (QIO)-like entity. For more information:

    ​Information for All Pro​​​viders​​

    Policy Manual

    ​The DD Policy Manual outlines requirements and procedures for Medicaid Home and Community-Based (HCBS) Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver services. The policy manual is intended to help DD providers deliver quality habilitative services and supports, and help ensure the health and safety of those served. All providers of DD services must comply with this manual.

    ​General Guides

    Functional Behavioral Assessments

    Appendix K - 2020 COVID-19 - March 6, 2020 to June 30, 2021

    The following information is for DD providers to comply with Appendix K. 


    • Notification of Death - Due within 10 days after a participant dies. Directions are included at the end of the form. 
    • Physical Exam Form - May be used for a participant's annual exam.
    • Request for Fair Hearing - File an appeal when you do not agree with a decision about provider enrollment or payment made by DDD.

    Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

    The Federal 21st Century Cures Act includes a Medicaid requirement for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). EVV allows in-home care providers to check in and out electronically. 

    DD Rate Reform

    We are working to improve the rate structure for Nebraska's Medicaid HCBS DD Waivers to ensure appropriate reimbursement for DD services. Information is on our rate reform page. 

    State Transition Plan (STP) Assessments

    When a DD provider opens a new residential setting, you must complete a self-assessment. Residential settings include group homes, host homes, and shared living homes.

    When a DD provider opens a new day services setting, you should send an email to DDD Provider Relations at for a STP Non-Residential Assessment. Day service settings include workshops, hubs, enclaves, and other locations where day services occur.

    For DHHS's plan for home and community-based services, and the Residential Self-Assessment, visit the State Transition Plan page.


    DDD uses Therap for many things, including incident reports, billing, referrals and secure communication. 

    • Therap Log In - The portal to enter your Therap account.
    • Therap Training Academy - Sign up for free! Anyone can view and attend the offered trainings. Therap keeps track of your courses.

    DD providers are required to complete incident reports and follow-up on Therap. Instructions are available: