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What you need to know


This page helps you provide important services to Medicaid HCBS DD Waiver participants. Be sure to also use the main Provider page​, the Training page, and the Resources page.

You are also responsible to know information from MLTC Provider Bulletins and DDD Provider Bulletins.

Sections on this page

    Information for All DD Providers

    The following sections are applicable to both Agency and Independent Providers.

    DD Policy Manual 

    ​The DD Policy Manual outlines requirements and procedures for Medicaid Home and Community-Based (HCBS) Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver services. The policy manual is intended to help DD providers deliver quality habilitative services and supports, and help ensure the health and safety of those served. All providers of DD services must comply with this manual.

    DD Rate Reform

    DDD is working to improve the rate structure for Nebraska's Medicaid HCBS DD Waivers to ensure appropriate reimbursement for DD services. Information is on our rate reform page.

    ​DD Services General Guides

    Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

    ​The Federal 21st Century Cures Act includes a Medicaid requirement for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). EVV allows in-home care providers to check in and out electronically. 


    Functional Behavioral Assessments and Safety Plans

    HCBS Final Settings Rule - Assessments and Training

    ​When a DD provider opens a new residential service setting, the provider must complete a self-assessment at least 15 business days before opening. Residential settings include group homes, host homes, and shared living homes. 

    When a DD provider opens a new non-residential site, the provider must notify DDD Provider Relations at so an assessment can be completed at least 15 business days before opening. Non-residential settings include workshops, hubs, enclaves, and other locations where day services occur.

    For more information on the plan for home and community-based services, visit the Final Settings Rule page.


    In early 2023, DDD provided training on Self-Assessment Tips and Tricks.

    In November 2022, DDD provided training for DD agency providers. Topics included how the Final Settings Rule applies to providers, self-assessment requirements, and on-site assessment.

    ICAP Assessment Tool

    DDD uses the ICAP assessment tool to determine funding amount for participants of Medicaid HCBS DD Waiver Services. Training is directed toward DD providers, but may be used by anyone interested in learning about the objective assessment process. 

    Incident Reporting and Follow-Up

    HCBS providers are required to complete incident reports and follow-up on Therap. All incidents for participants on the CDD and DDAD Waivers are required. 

    Instructions are available:

    Liberty Presentation - Incident Reporting and GER Guide

    Liberty presentation regarding October 1, 2022 changes to Incident Reporting and GER Guide for all DD providers.

    Mortality Review

    DDD partners with Liberty Healthcare, an independent quality improvement company. Liberty Healthcare is working with DDD to review operations and make recommendations for improvements to its systems and practices. For more information on mortality review:

    Provider Meetings with DDD


    Older meeting PowerPoints are in the Agency Provider section, as they were the target audience from 2018 to 2021. No meetings were held in 2022. 

    Therap - the State-Mandated Single Case Management System

    ​Therap is used for many things, including incident reports, billing, referrals and secure communication. 

    • Therap Log In - The portal to enter your Therap account.
    • Therap Training Academy - Sign up for free! Anyone can view and attend the offered trainings. Therap keeps track of your courses.

    DD Rates and Fee Schedules

    DD Service Fee Schedules list rates for Medicaid HCBS Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver services. Only one fee schedule is effective at a time. Start and end dates are on each schedule.​

    DD Provider Rate Memo​ - June 21, 2022 memo from Director Green re: rate increases

    DD Fee Schedule 01.01.2023.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services1/1/2023
    DD Fee Schedule 07.01.2022.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services7/1/2022
    DD Fee Schedule 03.01.2022.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services3/1/2022
    DD Fee Schedule 01.01.2022.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services1/1/2022
    DD Fee Schedule 10.01.2021.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services10/1/2021
    DD Fee Schedule 07.01.2021.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services7/1/2021
    DD Fee Schedule 01.01.2021.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services1/1/2021
    DD Fee Schedule 09.07.2020.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services9/7/2020
    DD Fee Schedule 02.01.2020.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services2/1/2020
    DD Fee Schedule 10.01.2019.pdf
    Home & Community Based Services10/1/2019

    DD Agency Provider Information

    Alternative Compliance

    ​A DD agency provider must request alternative compliance to provide services differently than what is outlined in regulations. 

    Cost Reports

    Public Health Certified Provider Resources

    ​The DHHS-Public Health page for DD Certified Provider Resources includes resources such as:

    • Renewal Application
    • Provider Contact Points with DHHS

    Specialized Add-On Services

    MLTC and DDD held presentations January 2022 for DD Agency Providers about specialized add-on services.

    DD Independent Provider Information​

    Abuse and Neglect Training

    ​​Providers must have training on Abuse and Neglect. Free training is available:

    DHHS Processes for Independent Providers

    Habilitative Program Writing

    Habilitation programs must be written for habilitative services. Providers are required to know how to write and run programs. The following free training is available:

    Therap Resources Specific to Independent Providers