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The following informational videos and brochures were developed to distribute to hospitals, birthing centers and other medical facilities. 


ABCs of Safe Sleep:  

123 Don't Shake Me: 

Please send an email to to request DVDs of these videos.

Maternal infant health resources

123 Don't Shake Me Brochure.pdf123 Don't Shake Me Brochure
123 Don't Shake Me Brochure-Spanish.pdf123 Don't Shake Me Brochure-Spanish
ABCs of Safe Sleep Brochure - Spanish.pdfABCs of Safe Sleep Brochure - Spanish
ABCs of Safe Sleep Brochure.pdfABCs of Safe Sleep Brochure
Breastfeeding Brochure - Spanish.pdfBreastfeeding Brochure - Spanish
Breastfeeding Brochure.pdfBreastfeeding Brochure
Crying Plan Brochure - Spanish.pdfCrying Plan Brochure - Spanish
Crying Plan Brochure.pdfCrying Plan Brochure
Discover a New Day Brochure - Spanish.pdfDiscover a New Day Brochure - Spanish
Discover a New Day Brochure.pdfDiscover a New Day Brochure
If You are Pregnant Booklet Notice English-Spanish.pdfIf You are Pregnant Booklet Notice English-Spanish
If You Are Pregnant Booklet.pdfIf You Are Pregnant Booklet
If You are Pregnant Booklet-Spanish.pdfIf You are Pregnant Booklet-Spanish
My Choice My Life Brochure - Spanish.pdfMy Choice My Life Brochure - Spanish
My Choice My Life Brochure.pdfMy Choice My Life Brochure
PostPartum Visit Brochure - Spanish.pdfPostPartum Visit Brochure - Spanish
Postpartum Visit Brochure.pdfPostpartum Visit Brochure
Preventing Preterm Birth with 17P - Spanish.pdfPreventing Preterm Birth with 17P - Spanish
Preventing Preterm Birth with 17P.pdfPreventing Preterm Birth with 17P
Smoke Hurts Kids Too Brochure - Spanish.pdfSmoke Hurts Kids Too Brochure - Spanish
Smoke Hurts Kids Too Brochure.pdfSmoke Hurts Kids Too Brochure
Women Kick Butt Brochure.pdfWomen Kick Butt Brochure

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