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Patient/Client Education

  • DHHS ABCs of Safe Sleep Video & brochure Available in English & Spanish
  • The National Institute of Health Safe To Sleep Campaign​ offers a variety of free materials, including booklets, handouts, and infographics to help people learn about safe infant sleep and share safe sleep information with friends, family, and others.
  • Brothers United – Safe Sleep 
  • Tomorrow's Child – Sponsored by the CJ Foundation   
  • Charlie's Kids
  • Safe Sleep Sweep App 
  • “Safe Sleep Sweep"© mobile application ('app'); is a free bilingual low-literacy health education game that engages users in a game that has them rescue infants from unsafe sleep environments while teaching players safe sleep safety practices such as placing the infant on their back to sleep and other SUID prevention techniques. Thanks to collaboration with Cribs for Kids and Halo Innovations, it incorporates incentives for completing the game. The app is not only a social media message, but a powerful marketing and learning tool for anyone who wishes to spread the safe sleep message. It is downloadable from the Google Play store and the Apple store.

  • Cribs4Kids app (for Android and iTunes): This app provides “access to educational materials, safe sleep guidelines, news stories, and event information right on your phone." Users are also able to share content from the app directly to Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. It is downloadable from the Google Play store and the Apple store.
  • Safe Sleep activities / games: Word Game  

State Statute   

Download SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome Information Acknowledgement Form

PDF FormatMS Word Format - English; MS Word Format - Spanish;

In 2006, the Nebraska Legislature passed a law requiring hospitals, birthing centers and other medical facilities to present a video and reading materials to new parents that discuss the dangers of shaking a baby and sudden infant death syndrome. View Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2103, information for parents of newborn child and requirements, at:

Brochures and video are available in English and Spanish. 

The law requires that video and reading materials be approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. Contact DHHS at​ for review of any material not provided by Department of Health and Human Services and for a list of approved materials.

Criteria for Sudden Infant Death Educational Materials include:

  • ​​Infant sleeps alone, in their own crib
  • Use sleep clothing rather than blankets
  • Safety approved crib/firm mattress/covered by tight fitting sheet
  • Keep soft objects and bedding out of infants sleep area (no blankets, bumper pads, stuffed animals, pillows)
  • Adult beds/waterbeds/sofas/soft mattresses are unsafe
  • Ensure other caregivers use a safe sleep environment for infant
  • Dangers of bed-sharing: bed-sharing can increase risk of SUID / suffocation/strangulation, falling, or becoming trapped
  • Infant is placed on back for every sleep
  • Avoid overheating
  • Do not smoke. Infant should sleep in smoke free environment
  • Consider offering a pacifier at nap and bedtime:  if breastfeeding should not use pacifier until breastfeeding is established
  • Do not use devices or positioners that claim to reduce SUID/SIDS
  • Awake supervised tummy time
  • Infants should sleep in the parents' room, close to the parents bed but on a separate surface (own sleep space)​

List of approved materials (as of 03/01/2022)

ABCs of Safe Sleep Video & Brochure Available in English & Spanish

National Institute of Health (NIH): Safe to Sleep Campaign Video 
National Institute of Health (NIH) Safe Sleep for Your Baby: Reduce the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Other Sleep-Related Causes of Infant Death.

Infant Loss & Other Safe Sleep Resources 

Grief Resources:


  • Nebraska SIDS Foundation
  • No Footprint Too Small
  • Mourning Hope  
  • The Compassionate Friends: Supporting Family After a Child Dies – Nebraska Chapters
  • HOPE (Helping Other Parents Endure): Open-ended meetings and support for parents who have lost their baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or SIDS
  • Remembering Our Children Support Group
  • BRIDGES: Personal support for persons who have experience a pregnancy loss though miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or newborn death. Lincoln, NE. 402-219-7065​


National Infant Safe Sleep Resources:

Crib Safety: