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LEARN Breastfeeding Hospital Champion Campaign

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends exclusive breastfeeding of infants for the first six months of life before introducing nutritious complementary foods and in June of 2022 updated their recommendation to support parents who choose to breastfeed their infants to age 2 and beyond.  The AAP outlines its recommendations and evidence of significant health benefits to infant and mother within an updated policy statement and technical report, both titled, “Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk" Published in the July 2022 issue of Pe​diatrics and available online June 27, 2022. The updates include a recommendation to support parents who choose to breastfeed their infant to age 2 and beyond.

According to the 2020 CDC Breastfeeding Report Card, 85.3% of Nebraska babies have ever breastfed and 63% continue to breastfeed at 6 months of age.

The LEARN Breastfeeding Hospital Champion Campaign is based on the mPINC Survey on Maternity Care Practices from the CDC to increase breastfeeding initiation and support within the hospital setting. Utilizing evidence based messaging on breastfeeding to parents of approximately 25,000 newborns across the state will increase the overall health of Nebraskan families.

The LEARN Breastfeeding Champion Hospital Campaign overall goal is to increase breastfeeding in Nebraska by utilizing the 2020 Nebraska mPINC Results Report to assist in implementing best practices and policies to improve breastfeeding outcomes.  The 2020 Nebraska mPINC Results Report focuses on six topics including Immediate Postpartum Care, Rooming-In, Feeding Practices, Feeding Education & Support, Discharge Support, and Institutional Management. These are topics that birthing hospitals across the State of Nebraska are already doing, along with identifying gaps and areas of improvement noted in your hospitals mPINC report.

Become a LEARN Breastfeeding Hospital Champion in five steps by December 31, 2023.

  1. Compile a group of breastfeeding champions
  2. Obtain and review your hospitals mPINC report
  3. Address gaps noted on your hospital mPINC report within the Core Initiatives by implementing action steps.
  4. Send completed form to Jackie.moline@nebraska.gov.
  5. Complete yearly internal audits on breastfeeding education.  Review and compare future mPINC reports.

LEARN Breastfeeding Hospital Champions will receive:

Champion Step-By-Step Process

Core Competency Form (Fillable)

In t​he News:

Methodist Fremont Health recognized as a LEARN Breastfeeding Hospital Champion

​Sample Breastfeeding and Safety Policies:​

Provider Awareness Flier


Hospital Champion List

  1. ​York General Hospital, York, Nebraska (1st Champion) 
  2. Mary Lanning Healthcare, Hastings, Nebraska
  3. Bryan Medical Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
  4. Methodist Fremont Health, Fremont, Nebraska
  5. Great Plains Health, North Platte, Nebraska​
  6. Nebraska Medicine​, Omaha, Nebraska

Hospital Champion Pictures

Nebraska Medicine
Nebraska Medicine
From left: Julie Lazure, Dr. Teresa Berg, Lisa Ablan, Melanie Anderson, Amanda Sucha, Amanda Dethloff, Jackie Moline (DHHS), KP Gesch, Melissa Buman, Tara Boyer, Kealy Schreiber, Rachelle Ambler, Carla Hellbusch, Stacia Kennedy, Cristina Franco, Karen Tesina

Great Plains Health
Great Plains Health
From left: Hannah Kamau, Erlanade Toussaint, Liz Kerchal, MaKenna Foster, Michelle Pagel, Jackie Moline (DHHS), Serena Findley, Kelley Flock, Stephanie Seamann, Hayley Jenny
York General Hospital Champions
York General Hospital
L to R (back row): Jenny Obermier CNO, Meghan Gerken IBCLC, Miranda RN, Chelsea Nickels RN, Dr. Brady Fickenscher, Jenny Moyer RN
L to R (front row): Lisa Davis RN Jordeyn Burks RN Carle Conard OB director, Jackie Moline (DHHS),  Dr. Jillian Fickenscher 
Mary Lanning Hospital  Champions
Mary Lanning Healthcare
L to R: Pam Berger, Megan James, Jackie Moline (DHHS), Donna Munsell, Katie Findley, Bri Skrdlant
Bryan Health Hospital Champions
Bryan Medical Center
L to R (back row): Danielle Wilkinson, Amy Pinkall, Shelly Wright, Staci Hattan
L to R (front row): Rachel Romshek, Alexa Lewis, Jackie Moline (DHHS) Nadia Abraham, Samantha Kenning
Fremont Health
L to R:  Brett Richmond CEO, Abby Walter, Alicia Zoucha, Jackie Moline (DHHS), Tracy Moore, Tonia Steel, Priscilla Maldonado, Ashtynn Neill, Melissa Heavican​