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In 2006, the Nebraska Legislature passed a law requiring hospitals, birthing centers and other medical facilities to present a video and reading materials to new parents, discussing the dangers of shaking a baby and sudden infant death syndrome. View the full State Statute: Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2103, information for parents of newborn child and requirements at: http://nebraskalegislature.gov/laws/statutes.php?statute=71-2103

Brochures and videos are available in English and Spanish. 

The Law requires that video and reading materials be approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. Contact DHHS at Jackie.moline@nebraska.gov to review any material not provided by Department of Health and Human Services and for a list of approved materials.

Criteria for AHT/SBS Prevention Materials include:

  • ​​Definition of AHT/SBS baby or young child being vigorously shaken
  • Must list some of the injuries shaking a baby can cause
  • Why babies are susceptible - baby's head bigger than bodies and shoulder, babies have underdeveloped neck muscles
  • Must list some of the signs and symptoms of AHT/SBS
  • Explanation of why babies cry and how to calm a crying baby


List of approved materials (as of July 2023)     

  • DHHS 1-2-3 Don't Shake Me Video: English,​ Español
  • DHHS 1-2-3 Don't Shake Me Brochure: in English E​spañol   
  • The Crying Plan:  English; Español
  • Period of PURPLE Crying© – Shaken baby/Abusive Head Trauma curriculum. If Period of PURPLE Crying© is used, the training shall be completed and implemented as outlined The Period of PURPLE Crying© program. 

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