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What you need to know

​​​​​​​​​​​Over the past several years, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has been promoting Infant Safe Sleep and Abusive Head Trauma/ Shaken Baby Syndrome (AHT/SBS) Prevention messaging to decrease Infant Mortality.  The Nebraska Safe Babies Hospital Campaigns are going strong.  There are currently 96% of Nebraska birthing hospitals and two in Iowa that have completed or are committed to work on the steps to become a Safe Sleep Hospital Champion, and 63% are in the process of completing the steps or are an AHT/SBS Prevention Hospital Champion. 

This work is not only in the hospital setting, but is also out in the community with Nebraska Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting Program, Child Care Licensing, and Nebraska Child and Family Services. Our overall goal is to provide consistent messaging on Safe Sleep and AHT/SBS Prevention throughout the state.

Becoming a Clinic Champion:

The NE Department of Health and Human Services, Nebraska Hospital Association, Nebraska Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Nebraska Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative (NPQIC), and the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska in​vite you to join the Nebraska Safe Babies Clinic Champion Campaign. Every day, health providers educate with a prevention lens providing consistent messaging from the OB office to the hospital to the clinic. A Clinic Champion can be any type of clinic including Pediatric, Family Practice, Obstetric and others.  Your clinic can make an impact by joining our exciting venture.

To become a Clinic Champion, your clinic will complete five steps: 

  1. Sign a pledge
  2. Incorporate infant safe sleep and AHT/SBS Prevention into a policy
  3. Provide prevention education to clinic personnel and providers annually and submit an Education Plan
  4. Educate parents with evidenced based prevention materials
  5. Incorporate Safe Sleep, AHT/SBS, and The CRYing Plan into each well visit for the babies first year.

Champion step-by-step process


News Release 10/7/2019: Nebraska Safe Babies Campaign Introduced in Clinics

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Loup Basin Public Health Department
Back row (L to R) Claire Snyder, Lesa Gideon, Valerie Galvan, Terry Stutzman, Amanda Jeffres, Ashley Jeffres, Sarah Raiford
Middle row (L to R) Stephanie Gideon, Jolene Gydesen, Shelby Galvan, Holly Mann, Danielle Thoene, Catie Larsen
Front row (L to R) Jackie Moline, Kalie Cassidy
Staff not pictured: Hallee Mann 

Clinics that Have Pledged to become Clinic Champions

  1. Priority Family Medicine, Plainview, NE
  2. Olson Center for Women's Health, Omaha, NE

Clinic Champions

  1. Complete Children's Health, PC, Lincoln, Nebraska
  2. AMH Family Practice Clinic, Neligh, Nebraska
  3. Chase County Clinic, Imperial, Nebraska
  4. Children's Physicians, Omaha, Nebraska
  5. Loup Basin Public Health Department, Burwell, Nebraska​
  6. Boys Town National Research Hospital Pediatric and Specialty Clinics, Omaha, Nebraska​
  7. Randolph Family Practice, Randolph, Nebraska
  8. Wausa Medical Clinic, Wausa, Nebraska
  9. Coleridge Medical Center, Coleridge, Nebraska​

Clinic Champion Pictures

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Randolph Family Practice
L to R: Joann Tunink, Samantha Kizzire, Nichole Aitken, Jackie Moline (DHHS), Bobbie Jo Miller, Hannah Hasz
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Wausa Medical Clinic
L to R: Joann Tunink, Jackie Moline (DHHS), Samantha Kizzire, Cindy Billerbeck, Hannah Hasz

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Coleridge Medical Center
L to R: Joann Tunink, Jackie Moline (DHHS), Samantha Kizzire