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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The State Unit on Aging oversees a number of service providers. This page contains information, guidance, online resources, and other tools for these service providers. Public resources can be found on the Resources ​for You page.

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    Forms and Guidance Documents

    These documents should help service providers serve older Nebraskans and Nebraskans with disabilities.

    AAA Map.pdfAAA Map
    ADRC Map.pdfADRC MapADRC
    ADRC Request for Information.pdfADRC Request for InformationADRC
    Area Plan - Budget Workbook.xlsxArea Plan - Budget WorkbookArea Plan/Budget
    Budget Request and Revision Template.xlsxBudget Request and Revision TemplateFiscal
    Care Management Assessment.pdfCare Management AssessmentCare Management
    Caregiver Assessment (with Gender Identity).docxCaregiver Assessment (with Gender Identity)III-E
    Caregiver Assessment.docxCaregiver AssessmentIII-E
    Caregiver Case Management File Review Checklist.docxCaregiver Case Management File Review ChecklistIII-E
    Current AAA and ADRC Map.pdfCurrent AAA and ADRC MapSUA, ADRC
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    Active Program Instructions

    SFY 23SUA-24-PI-03 Care Management Sliding Fee Scale 2024Care Management
    SFY 23SUA-24-PI-02 - Senior Volunteer Program FY 25 Annual PlanArea Plan/Budget
    SFY 24SUA-24-PI-01 Caregiver Information & AssistanceData Collection
    SFY 24SUA-23-PI-04 Care Management Unit RatesCare Management, Rates
    SFY 23SUA-23-PI-03 Non-SUA Funding ProgramsData Collection, Fiscal
    SFY 23SUA-23-PI-02 Care Management Sliding Fee Scale 2023Care Management
    SFY 23SUA-23-PI-01 SFY24-27 Area Plan InstructionsArea Plan/Budget
    SFY 23SUA-22-PI-11-Caregiver Case Management QA Review FormIII-E
    SFY 23SUA-22-PI-09 ADRC APO Budget + Service NarrativesFiscal
    SFY 23SUA-22-PI-06 Aging Services Regulations Chapter 5 - RevisedRegulations
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    Active Information Memoranda

    SFY 24SUA-24-IM-01 Older Americans Act Regulations Update
    SFY 23SUA-23-IM-04 - SVP Request for InformationSVP
    SFY 23SUA-23-IM-03 - ADRC Request for InformationADRC
    SFY 23SUA-23-IM-02 - SVP Competitive Grant InformationSVP
    SFY 23SUA-23-IM-01 - ADRC Competitive Grant InformationADRC
    SFY 22SUA-22-IM-03 - Care Management Care PlansCare Management, Data Collection
    SFY 22SUA-22-IM-02 FY21 ARPA Award ProposalFiscal
    SFY 22SUA-22-IM-01 - Units of Information ServicesData Collection, III-B
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-17 Comprehensive Caregiver AssessmentIII-E, Data Collection
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-16 PeerPlace Anonymous Client GuidanceData Collection, PeerPlace
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    Monitoring Tools

    Monitoring Tools (Word documents) need to be completed and returned 3-4 weeks before the scheduled monitoring date. Depending on computer security settings, you may need to click on the View menu, and select Edit Document ​to complete the forms.

    Review Forms (PDFs) will be used by the SUA to evaluate files.

    State Fiscal Year 2024 monitoring will take place between July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024​​.

    ADRC Monitoring Tool
    Care Management File Review Form
    Care Management Monitoring Tool
    Caregiver Case Management File Review Form
    Case Management File Review Form
    Disaster Plan Evaluation Tool
    Financial Site Visit Review Form
    Fiscal Monitoring Tool
    Governance Monitoring Tool
    Legal Contracting Attorney Legal Aid Contracts Monitoring Tool
    Legal Elder Access Line Monitoring Tool
    Senior Volunteer File Review Form
    Senior Volunteer Program Monitoring Tool
    Title III-B Monitoring Tool
    Title III-C1 & C2 (Nutrition) Monitoring Tool
    Title III-D (Health) Monitoring Tool
    Title III-E Monitoring Tool


    State Unit on Aging
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