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Medicaid & Long-Term Care

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​​​​The Aging Advisory Committee was created through state statute (§ 68-1101 to 1105) to advise the State Unit on Aging. The Committee is made up of twelve Governor-appointed members. Each of the eight Area Agencies on Aging are represented. There are four at-large members. The appointment term is four years.

Advisory Committee members meet twice a year and occasionally visit senior centers and aging programs. Meeting dates and times can be found on the

Nebraska Public Meeting Calendar.

Advisory Meeting Agenda 2021-04-08.pdfAdvisory Meeting Agenda 2021-04-08
Advisory Meeting Agenda 2020-10-08.pdfAdvisory Meeting Agenda 2020-10-08
Advisory Meeting Agenda 2019-10-16.pdfAdvisory Meeting Agenda 2019-10-16
Advisory Meeting Agenda 2019-04-10.pdfAdvisory Meeting Agenda 2019-04-10
Advisory Meeting Agenda 2018-10-03.pdfAdvisory Meeting Agenda 2018-10-03
Advisory Meeting Agenda 2018-04-25.pdfAdvisory Meeting Agenda 2018-04-25
Advisory Meeting Agenda  2021-10-14.pdfAdvisory Meeting Agenda 2021-10-14
Advisory Meeting Minutes 2021-4-8.pdfAdvisory Meeting Minutes 2021-4-8
Advisory Meeting Minutes 2020-10-08.pdfAdvisory Meeting Minutes 2020-10-08
Advisory Meeting Minutes 2019-10-16.pdfAdvisory Meeting Minutes 2019-10-16
Advisory Meeting Minutes 2019-04-10.pdfAdvisory Meeting Minutes 2019-04-10
Advisory Meeting Minutes 2018-10-3.pdfAdvisory Meeting Minutes 2018-10-3
Advisory Meeting Minutes 2018-04-25.pdfAdvisory Meeting Minutes 2018-04-25


Committee Members

Kathleen Kauth
At-Large Member
Charlotte Anne DorwartAging Office of Western Nebraska
Midland Area Agency on Aging
Colleen ClaassenAt-Large Member: Lincoln
Ira NathanAt-Large Member: Omaha
Danny DeLongBlue Rivers Area Agency on Aging
VacantWest Central Nebraska Area Agency on Aging
Luana DuennermanAt-Large Member: Lincoln
Rod HughesNortheast Nebraska Area Agency on Aging
Alicia ToczekSouth Central Nebraska Area Agency on Aging
Shari BuschAging Partners, Lincoln Area Agency on Aging
Frank Herzog​Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging


State Unit on Aging
Medicaid & Long-Term Care / Department of Health & Human Services
Phone Number
(402) 471-2307
Fax Number
(402) 742-8388
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 95026, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5026