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​​​​​​State law gives the public the opportunity to advise the Division in service planning. This page lists the advisory groups of the Division of Behavioral Health, their purposes and membership makeups. Viewers will find a link to pages containing more information about each of the groups and links to current year meeting agendas and summaries. 

On occasion, the Division will seek public input for state plans. This page will list documents and timelines for review.

Joint Advisory Committee Meeting Notice 

November 4, 2021, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CDT In-Person Meeting

Meeting details:

Joint Advisory Committee Meeting Notice – November 4, 2021, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CDT: This is an In-Person Meeting

​Public comments requested:


State Advisory Committee on Mental Health Services

Purpose: Required by legislation, this body advises the Division on mental health service system strengths and opportunities. 
Membership: Membership is open to members of the public who have lived experience and to representatives of a wide variety of organizations.
Meeting information: Meets three times per year.  Meeting minutes. ​​

State Advisory Committee on Substance Abuse Services

Purpose: Established in law to advise the Division on the substance abuse service system strength and opportunities.
Membership: Twelve members, with over 50 percent of members having lived experience. 
Meeting information: Meets three times per year.  Meeting minutes​. 

System of Care Leadership Group

Purpose: Provides advice and guidance to the Department and Division of Behavioral Health on Nebraska's System of Care (NeSOC) for children, youth and their families.
Membership: A broad range of administrators involved in children, youth and family services.
Meeting information: Meets three times per year.  Meeting minutes  

Office of Consumer Affairs Peoples' Council

Purpose: Meets to provide state and regional leadership, while utilizing personal lived experience to advocate for systems transformation as well as identify and advocate for a recovery-oriented System of Care.
Membership: Persons with lived experience.
Meeting information: Meets three times per year.  Meeting minutes

Prevention Advisory Council

Purpose: Advises Division on activities to promote mental health wellness and substance use disorder prevention.
Membership: A broad cross-representation of prevention agencies and public and state agencies involved with prevention.
Meeting information: Meets three times per year.  Meeting summaries

State Epidemiology Outcomes Workgroup

Purpose: Brings together a broad range of experts who report data specific to mental health and substance use disorders. The workgroup identifies trends and suggests services to fill those gaps. This workgroup reports to the Prevention Advisory Council.
Membership: Mental health and substance use disorder prevention professionals and those in related disciplines.
Meeting information: Meets three times per year.  Meeting summaries

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