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​​​Announcement: ​​

The Office of Consumer Affairs Peoples Council is seeking applicants to fill the vacant positions as listed below.  If you would like to be considered for a seat on the council, complete the Peoples Council Online Application.

Vacant Positions:       

  • One (1) Caregiver/Family Representatives
  • Two (2) Transition Age Youth/Young Adult Representatives

The Office of Consumer Affairs Peoples Council:

  • Is composed of people with lived experience. 
  • Will identify and advocate for an integrated recovery-oriented system that supports adults, children, and their families. 
  • Serves as the planning council of the Nebraska Office of Consumer Affairs.


The Council will:

  • (a) Conduct regular meetings
  • (b) Provide recommendations to guide the Division relating to the development, implementation, provision, and funding of behavioral health services, such as organized peer support, wellness, and recovery services
  • (c) Promote the interests of consumers and their families, including, but not limited to, their inclusion and involvement in all aspects of services design, planning, implementation, provision, education, evaluation, and research
  • (d) Provide reports as requested by the Division
  • (e) Engage in such other activities as directed or authorized by the Division


The OCA council consists of fourteen (14) members appointed by the Director of the Division of Behavioral Health:

  • Six (6) regional representatives
  • Two (2) caregiver/family representatives
  • Two (2) transition-age youth/young adult representatives
  • One (1) representative from a managed care organization or integrated healthcare organization
  • One (1) representative of the Regional Center system
  • Two (2) representatives at large (adult, youth, or family/caregiver- not represented in above membership)
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