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​​​​The Legal Assistance program is a partnership between the Area Agencies on Aging and Legal Aid of Nebraska. The goal is to help older Nebraskans keep their independence and support their well-being. It's also important to protect the rights of older adults. 

The Legal Assistance program can help older adults with: 

  • Income security
  • Health care
  • Long-term care
  • Abuse/neglect
  • Individual rights
  • Prevent guardianship
  • Bankruptcy/collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Fraud

Find more help at the nearest Area Agency on Aging or

Call the ElderAccess LineTM: Omaha (402) 827-5656 or Statewide (800) 527-7249


Statewide Elder Rights Coalition

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Helpful Documents

Advance Directives 11x17.pdfAdvance Directives 11x17
Advance Directives 8.5x11.pdfAdvance Directives 8.5x11
Declaracion De Voluntad Anticipada.pdfDeclaracion De Voluntad Anticipada
La Toma de Decisiones Sustitutas.pdfLa Toma de Decisiones Sustitutas
Living Will Declaration.pdfLiving Will Declaration
Managing someone else’s money – Help for Agents under a Power of Attorney.pdfManaging someone else’s money – Help for Agents under a Power of Attorney
Managing someone else's money – Help for Representative Payees and VA Fiduciaries.pdfManaging someone else's money – Help for Representative Payees and VA Fiduciaries
Placemat - Family Abuse Awareness.pdfPlacemat - Family Abuse Awareness
Placemat - Scam Awareness.pdfPlacemat - Scam Awareness
Placemat - Scams by Strangers.pdfPlacemat - Scams by Strangers
Power of Attorney Form.pdfPower of Attorney Form
Power of Attorney Healthcare Form.pdfPower of Attorney Healthcare Form
Surrogate Decision Making in Nebraska.pdfSurrogate Decision Making in Nebraska


Other available resources

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

An ombudsman works with nursing home and assisted living residents. They help answer resident concerns and complaints.

Visit: Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Call: (800) 942-7830

Adult Protective Services (APS)

APS serves vulnerable adults. Adult Protective Services investigates reports of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation. This includes self-neglect. When abuse is confirmed, APS will intervene. Services will be provided with as little disruption to the client's life as possible. Whenever possible, clients receive help to live in the place of their choice.

Visit: Adult Protective Services 

Call: (800) 652-1999 or local law enforcement

Nebraska Attorney General: Consumer Protection Division

The Consumer Protection Division protects Nebraskans from fraud and deceptive trade practices, including, but not limited to:

  • Providing public presentations
  • Enforcing laws against false, misleading & undesirable sales practices
  • Investigating complaints
  • Consumer mediation


Call: (800) 727-6432

Nebraska Mediation Association

From time to time, almost everybody has a dispute. It could be with a neighbor, a business, or some other person or organization. Going to court is not the only way to settle disputes. A trained professional can help both parties find a solution everyone agrees with. These trained professionals are mediators.  Mediation does not force a solution. Mediators try to be impartial, neutral, and unbiased.

Find a local mediation center at:

Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission (Age Discrimination)

Age discrimination in employment is illegal in Nebraska. Generally, this includes private and non-profit employers with 25 or more employees. This also covers state and local governments, as well as employment agencies and labor organizations.

Some examples of employment areas where age discrimination can happen:

  • Hiring and promotion
  • Pay and benefits
  • Discipline (including termination)
  • Training and development
  • Relationships and associations
  • Freedom from workplace harassment
  • Retaliation for reporting issues


Call the closest office: 

Lincoln (800) 642-6112
Omaha (800) 382-7820
Scottsbluff (800) 830-8633


State Unit on Aging
Medicaid & Long-Term Care / Department of Health & Human Services
Phone Number
(402) 471-2307
Fax Number
(402) 742-8388
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 95026, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5026