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What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know


COVID-19 Guidance for Home Health Agencies and Hospices 

COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Form

​Governor Pete Ricketts recently signed into law LB 906, which provides medical and religious exemption​s for some workers. Download the Sample COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Form​​.​

CMS Vaccination Guidance Compliance

Please click on the facility or service type below for information on applications, requirements, change notifications, and more.​


Disciplinary Actions Against Health Care Facilities

NOTE: The Department may deny, refuse to renew a license, or take disciplinary action against a licensed facility or service. Please refer to Section 008 in the regulations applicable to the specific facility/service type.​ 

Certificate of Need in Nebraska only applies to rehabilitation and nursing home beds. No other facility, service or equipment is subject to CON.