Health Care Facilities and Services Complaints


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A. Health Care Facilities and Services Complaints (PUBLIC)

Overview of Complaint Process
If you have a concern about a health care facility or a service provider, please bring your concern to the attention of the facility administrator or supervisor. Allow them time to address your concerns. If you are unable to bring your concerns to the administrator or supervisor's attention, or if they do not respond, then contact the DHHS Licensure Unit. The Licensure Unit may conduct an investigation or refer you to the appropriate agency. Your complaint shall be kept confidential.

An investigation will be unannounced and may include:

  • Review of facility records
  • Review of resident/ patient/ client records
  • Interviews of residents/ patients/ clients, staff and or family members
  • Observation of care provided to residents/ patients/ clients
  • Observation of the provider's environment

Ways to File a Complaint
Please file your complaint regarding a Health Care Facility or Service or Medication Aide or Nurse Aide by one of the following methods:

  • Complete the online Complaint Form and submit electronically
  • Call Adult Protective Services at (800) 652-1999
  • Call the complaint intake line at (402) 471-0316 Hours: M-F 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST
  • Fax the complaint to (402) 742-2389
  • Mail the complaint to:

Health Facility Investigations
Licensure Unit - DHHS
PO Box 94669
Lincoln NE 68509-4669

If your complaint concerns a licensed professional, not a facility, service or Medication Aide or Nurse Aide, please visit the Professions and Occupations Investigations Unit website.

B. Facility Self-reports

A licensed facility may use the interactive forms on this webpage to submit information regarding a reportable incident or use their own form. When using any other form than the forms contained on this webpage, please email to or fax to (402) 742-2389. The interactive forms do not allow for documents to be attached. If you have any supporting documentation please email to or fax (402) 742-2389.


For more information contact:

Office of Long Term Care Facilities
(402) 471-3324 

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