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This page provides guidance to Nebraska WIC Retailers about training requirements, training steps, and training materials needed to train cashiers to perform WIC transactions.

What is required for employee training?

The store's Nebraska WIC Retail Vendor Agreement legally obligates the store to inform and train the vendor's employees. All employees who are involved in WIC transactions shall be trained in the Nebraska WIC Program's policies and procedures.  Employee training must be documented.  The Nebraska WIC Program has local vendor managers available in your area to provide cashier training by conducting live practice transaction at your store!

Cashier Training Steps

Cashiers serve an important role in the WIC transaction.  Well trained cashiers provide good customer service and can assist the WIC shopper have a successful WIC transaction.  The Nebraska WIC Program has a variety of training activities to assist in your efforts in training staff in WIC procedures and policies.

  1. Start by reviewing the Nebraska Food List & Shopping Guide.  The food list has all the WIC approved foods and specifications. 
  2. Overview of the Nebraska WIC Program
  3. Cashier training video–WIC Program Overview
  4. Cashier training video–WIC Transaction
  5. WIC Food Activity
  6. Troubleshooting Transactions

  7.  Final Assessment