WIC Vendor Stocking Requirements

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The Nebraska WIC Program requires WIC authorized retailers to stock WIC foods based on store size, determined by the number of front end registers. 

Image showing difference between store sizes determined by number of front end registers 

  • Minimum inventory of WIC approved foods MUST be available at all times regardless of purchases made throughout the day. The inventory must be in the store and not on order from suppliers. 
  • Expired foods do not count as inventory.

  • Food substitutions are never allowed should the store be out of a WIC food the WIC shopper wishes to purchase. 
  • The vendor may not provide refunds or permit exchanges for authorized WIC foods obtained with WIC food benefits except for exchanges of an identical WIC food when the original WIC food is defective, spoiled, or has exceeded the “sell by" or “best if used by" date. 

Minimum Inventory Listings