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Interested in becoming a WIC authorized vendor?  Is your store a full service grocery store, pharmacy, or commissary? 

The Nebraska WIC Program accepts applications for new grocery stores and pharmacies at any time during the year. Stores are selected based on food availability and register system capability to transact eWIC. 

To apply for WIC authorization, contact the Nebraska WIC Program.  Find out more below!

What is WIC

Proper nutrition and health care are very important to the growth and development of children. This is especially true during pregnancy and early childhood. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program was established in Nebraska in 1975. The WIC Program strives to prevent health problems before they occur by providing nutritious foods to pregnant, breastfeeding and post-partum mothers, infants and young children.

What is the Vendor's Role

WIC participants receive food benefits that are specific to their nutritional needs. WIC food packages are designed to reduce complications of pregnancy due to poor nutrition and to promote the healthiest possible birth, growth and development of children. WIC authorized stores play a vital role in the WIC food delivery system by providing nutritious foods to WIC Families including:

  1. Whole Grain bread, rice, pasta, cereal, & tortillas
  2. Low-fat dairy including milk, yogurt, & cheese
  3. Fresh fruits & vegetables
  4. 100% fruit juice
  5. Legumes, peanut butter, eggs, & canned fish
  6. Baby foods & formula

The Nebraska WIC Program allows participants to use their WIC food benefits at any approved WIC vendor (stores). Authorized grocery stores may sell WIC foods and formula. Approved special purchase stores (pharmacies) are authorized to sell specialty infant formula and medical formulas only. WIC food benefits are redeemed by participants and paid to the vendors' accounts.

Selection Criteria

The Nebraska WIC Program considers for authorization stores that provide the nutritious WIC supplemental foods at a competitive price so as to make the most efficient use of program funds. The Nebraska WIC Program has established the following criteria to select retail grocery stores who wish to participate in the program:

  • Full service grocery store–Must be primarily a retailer of groceries rather than of other merchandise such as gasoline, beverages, or snack/convenience foods.
    • 10 varieties fresh fruits
    • 10 varieties fresh vegetables
    • 5 varieties each of fresh or frozen meats, pork, and poultry (prepackaged luncheon meats and deli sandwiches do not qualify)
    • 10 varieties canned and frozen vegetables
    • 10 varieties dairy products
    • 10 varieties cereals and breadstuffs
    • 3 varieties Infant formula
  • Must have the ability to perform a split tender transaction.
  • The store is capable of processing electronic benefit transactions (eWIC).
  • A grocery store must have available and provide all categories of Nebraska WIC Approved foods including infant formulas, specialty infant formulas, and/or medical formulas eligible for use in the Nebraska WIC Program. Infant formulas, specialty infant formulas and/or medical formulas must be provided within 72 hours of request.
  • A full service grocery store must have a current Food Establishment Permit issued by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.
  • The grocery store is required to purchase all categories of WIC approved foods from wholesalers and/or distributors licensed and inspected by the regulatory authority in that jurisdiction where they are located, whether it be a state or local authority, in accordance with state law.
  • Store sales may not have more than 20% of the retailer's gross annual retail food sales from alcoholic beverages.
  • Store sales may not have more than 50% of the retailer's gross annual food sales from the WIC Program. 
  • The Nebraska WIC Program does not authorize “WIC Only Stores."
  • The store must maintain minimum inventory of WIC approved foods according to the type and size of store.
  • The store cannot be disqualified from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or been assessed a SNAP civil money penalty.
  • The store cannot be currently disqualified from the Medicaid program.
  • The store cannot be currently disqualified from the WIC Program.
  • The applicant, current owners, officers, or store managers, during last six years, have not been convicted of nor had a civil judgment entered against them for any activity indicating a lack of business integrity

Please contact the Nebraska WIC Program for a complete list of selection criteria! WIC Authorized Vendors must comply with WIC program regulations and policies including, but not limited to:

  1. Participating in Retailer/Store training sessions
  2. Training employees regarding WIC procedures
  3. Submitting accurate price lists of WIC foods on a semi-annual basis each year
  4. Permitting monitoring for compliance and service
  5. Regularly stocking WIC approved foods to meet WIC minimum inventory requirements at all times
  6. Complying with terms of the Vendor Agreement

Application Process

To be considered for participation in the Nebraska WIC Program, the store must complete a store application, store price list of WIC foods, and submit a sample cash register receipt. Upon receipt of the complete store application, the review process will begin. Once the application packet is deemed complete, a local WIC vendor manager will complete an on-site visit to verify information submitted and test the store's capability to transact electronic benefit transactions.  After a successful on-site visit, the store representative with the legal authority to obligate the store is required to attend a training session. The Nebraska WIC Program encourages the person responsible to train staff also attend the training session.

Contact Information - to request authorization packet

Interested retailers may contact the Nebraska WIC Program for a complete authorization packet. The packet includes a store application, store price list for WIC approved foods, and a complete application guide. The application guide details selection criteria, WIC approved foods, inventory requirements, and information about transacting WIC food benefits. 

Nebraska WIC Program
Department of Health & Human Services
Phone Number
(402) 471-2781
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 95026, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5026