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USDA/FNS has established requirements that WIC State Agencies must follow in selecting foods for the state's Approved Product List (APL). These requirements can be found here:



Nebraska selects foods based on federal regulations, state standards, cost, container size, availability and WIC participant acceptance. Products submitted that meet eligibility requirements are not guaranteed to be included on the APL. Foods in the Nebraska WIC APL are either considered Brand Specific or Non-Brand Specific. 

Additional information: Nebraska Approval Criteria by WIC Food Category

Single item submissions

  1. If you have a food item that according to the Nebraska WIC Food List should be allowed, but the UPC does not debit from a WIC account, send an update request. We may have missed a UPC.
  2. Please submit the product description, full UPC and product images including front label, nutrition panel and ingredients list. 
  3. Email the information to DHHS.WICFoods@nebraska.gov
  4. Submissions that do not contain all the necessary information will not be reviewed.

What are non-brand specific foods

Guidance below for Food Manufacturers, Distributors, and Product Representatives:

Non-Brand Specific Food Items - These products are not specified by brand on the approved product list, but are specified as “store brand only" or "choose any brand."

"Store brand only" food items: 

  • Peanut Butter
  • Cheese

"Choose any brand" food items:
  • Brown Rice
  • Beans and Peas (dried and canned)
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Canned Fish–Tuna and Salmon
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

To maintain the most current list of products and UPC's in these categories, manufacturers and product reps may submit products that meet eligibility requirements as they become available.

How & when to submit non-brand specific products

Guidance below for Food Manufacturers, Distributors, and Product Representatives:

Nebraska WIC continually updates the list of WIC-allowed foods in non-brand specific categories. To request that a food be added to an “any brand" or “store brand only" category of the NE WIC APL, please review the proposed food items using the USDA/FNS regulations and NE WIC criteria first. Products that meet eligibility requirements may be submitted at any time.   

Product information MUST include the following items:

  • Brand Name
  • Product Name
  • Package Size/Package Type
  • Ingredients List
  • UPC, including all 12 digits including leading digit and check digit. 
  • Product Images Including: front label and nutrition panel and ingredients list.  
  • Email the information to DHHS.WICFoods@nebraska.gov
  • Submissions that do not contain all the necessary information will not be reviewed.

What are brand specific products

Guidance below for Food Manufacturers, Distributors, and Product Representatives:

BRAND SPECIFIC - These products are identified by brand and type/flavor on the NE WIC Food List and the APL.

  • Breakfast Cereals (hot and cold)
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Tortillas–Whole Wheat and Soft Corn
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Juice
  • Yogurt
  • Soy-based Beverage
  • Infant Cereals
  • Infant Foods–Fruits, Vegetables and Meats

How & when to submit brand specific products

Nebraska WIC accepts Brand Specific food items for consideration during the open submission period every 2 years.

Who to contact for more information

Food list/APL inquiries, updated product information and company contact information can be sent to Narissa Scales at DHHS.WICFoods@nebraska.gov