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This page has been established to provide Physicians, Funeral Directors, County Attorneys and County Coroners responsible for registering death certificates access to the resources and information necessary to continue registering vital records in an accurate and timely manner.

"NEW" for Funeral Directors - COVID-19 and/or Influenza Information 

When creating a death record, on the Disposition tab, you will need to complete the field "Covid-19 and/or Influenza Related Death?" Choose the correct response from the dropdown menu: Covid-19, Influenza, Both, Neither, or Unknown.

The Nebraska Vital Records Electronic Death Registration System will soon have a new look as we transition to a new technology platform. The new version will no longer require the use of the Citrix interface that many of you have been using for the past several years. The following group of documents will be useful as you begin to migrate to this new technology:


Videos About Completing the Cause of Death

Fax Attestation Instructions



Certifier Office Tips for Submitting Attestations

  1. Please send INDIVIDUAL faxes. If you have more than one form to submit, please transmit them one at a time.
  2. Be certain to fax forms to the toll free number provided: (855) 840-9030.
  3. Do NOT send a cover sheet or any other additional documents.
  4. When signing forms, BLACK INK is preferred. 

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