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SYSTEM UPDATE: July 25, 2021 – View important information for upcoming​ changes​.

Birth certificates are computer generated, printed on secure safety paper, and certified with digitally enhanced seal of Nebraska. They are accepted by passport agencies, Social Security and other government entities, school registration, sporting activities, etc. On this page you will find information to assist you with birth registration. 

The Vital Records Division of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services started registering births in Nebraska since 1904.   

Vital Records No Longer Accepting Refusal Letter for Birth Registrations as of April 11, 2016

As of April 11, 2016, mothers will no longer be permitted to sign a refusal letter when indicating that their husband is not the biological father of their child.

In all cases where the child was conceived during the marriage, the husband will be required to be listed on the birth certificate in accordance with NRS 71-640.01 unless:

1. a two-way or three-way paternity is signed or

2. a court order of paternity has been established

NOTE: As of April 11, 2016, Vital Records Office will not be accepting refusal letters to complete birth registrations.

If you have any questions please contact the Birth Desk at (402) 471-0907 

The State of Nebraska Birth Registration Desk
For your convenience you can email the Monthly Maternity Reports, Copies of Worksheets, and any other inquiries in regards to the birth registration process.
Fax: (402) 742-1133 

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