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This page has been established to provide County Clerks and Tribal Court Administrators responsible for registering dissolution certificates access to the resources and information necessary to continue registering vital records in an accurate and timely manner. 

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Dissolution Questions for 12a, 12b and 18

Discussion has arisen regarding questions 12a, 12b and 18 on the Dissolution of Marriage or Annulment due to the increase in child support awards to children between the age of 18 and 19. Because this information is included in various reports, please follow the below instructions precisely.

Both 12a and 12b are asking questions regarding under 18. Therefore, do not include information regarding number of children or physical custody awards for children who are age 18 or older.

Question 18 addresses child support. Since we do not have an age limit on this question, you may answer this question as yes if child support was awarded to someone between the age of 18 and 19.

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