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Home visiting means family Support. right when it's needed most.

Our greatest partners are the local implementing agencies that deliver evidence-based home visiting services in their community. The direct service providers are, above all, the ones who truly make a difference at the level of the individual families. You need only to read a few of the stories from the families themselves to understand how much difference that is.

Partners all across the state work together to educate stakeholders, families and resource organizations about evidence-based and research-based home visiting programs.  As a group, they act as advisors and advocates, giving eligible families greater reach and available supports. The network of home visiting programs provide professional development activities and bring best practice to ALL direct service providers, regardless of model, program or funding source.  For example, it was through this collaboration that the online home visitor training modules were created, and the Recharge 4 Resilience conference is possible!  The system of collaboration not only informs, but creates opportunity for statewide change in the early childhood comprehensive systems work. 

Our statewide p​artners

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Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

Sixpence Early Learning Fun

Early Development Network

Head Start State Collaboration