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Parenting isn't always easy.
Home visitors are partners in family resilience.

Anyone can make a referral into an N-MIECHV network program. Most commonly, a healthcare provider, community resource provider, or previous/current participant family will recommend someone to home visiting.

Quick Eligibility Screen​

Is the family or caregiver pregnant or parenting a child under 3 months of age?


Is the family or caregiver involved in child welfare (child protective services) and the child is under 24 months of age?


Is the family or caregiver experiencing life stressors such as:

  • Low Income
  • Teen Parenting
  • Mental Health issues
  • Substance Use
  • Tobacco Use in the home
  • Exposure to Violence
  • Low Student Achievement
  • Either the parent or child has a developmental disability or delay
  • A primary caregiver is a member of the armed forces with deployments outside of the United States


    That's it— there are no worries about immigration, educational, or working status, someone who is fighting addiction or has a partner that is incarcerated, or has lost custody of children previously. If there is a parent or caregiver that could use a non-judgmental, supportive, dedicated, and caring person in their life to help them reach personal goals, they are welcome in our programs!

    Step 1: Tell the caregiver or family what you know about home visiting or give them our web address. Ask them if they might be interested in finding out more.

    Step 2Look at our current programs​ page and find the program closest to your location and call or email the local implementing agency directly to make the referral. They're very nice and will contact the family or caregiver directly to follow up.        

Child Welfare Staff Referral Process ​

For questions regarding child welfare referrals, please contact your local CFS Supervisor or the DHHS Division of Children & Family Services Prevention Office.
​Jamie Kramer
Office: (402) 471-8424
Mobile: (402) 670-4126

P&S Field Guidance – HFA

CFS HFA Flowchart​      


 ​We all cherish our children's future. 
John F. Kennedy Jr.


Jennifer Auman
Program Manager
Phone Number
(402) 471-9755
(402) 314-8013
BrieAnna Everett
Program Specialist
Phone Number
(531) 249-1610
(402) 613-1302