Children and Family Services

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What you need to know

​Legal guardianship of a child may be an option for you. Legal guardianship allows the guardian to have all the rights and responsibilities of a parent.

Nebraska Guardianships

Guardianship is often used for older children (12 years or older, or siblings with at least one child 12 and over being placed together) or children with circumstances that make adoption not an option. DHHS must approve a child's eligibility when circumstances make adoption not a reasonable option. Guardians are expected to meet the child's following needs: education, support, medical care and daily living costs. Financial support may be available to help with expenses. Guardians may also request to become the payee for benefits on behalf of the child.

Private Guardianships

CFS only assists with state ward guardianships. For information about non-ward/minor child or adult guardianship/conservatorships in Nebraska please contact an attorney or additional information can be found at the Nebraska Supreme Court.