Adopting from Foster Care

Children and Family Services

What would you like to do?

What you need to know

To adopt a child from foster care in Nebraska, you must be a licensed foster-adoptive family.

Prior to adoption, the adoptive family should cooperate with DHHS, be involved in the decision making for the child, allow for home visits and obtain approval from DHHS to travel outside of Nebraska.

If there is an ongoing adoption subsidy, the adoptive family will be required to complete annual paperwork indicating the child remains in their care/custody.

Where do I start?

Step 1: Contact a local foster care agency. To learn more about the foster care agencies in your area, contact the Nebraska Foster Adoptive Parent Association or call 1-800-7Parent.

Step 2: Register and Attend Training Classes. The foster care agency will tell you what is required and if you meet the criteria to be a foster-adoptive home. If you meet the criteria, they will inform you of their upcoming training schedule. This training is for all qualified individuals or families.

Step 3: Complete a Home Study. During training, the agency will send a case manager to your home to complete a fostering home study and home visits. You will be asked about your family's dynamics, your childhood, your family's strengths and weaknesses, finances, emotional strengths and safety of the home. You will need to provide the following: references, financial statements, employment history, and background checks.

Step 4: Children Available for Adoption. During the licensing process, and once you have received approval to become an adoptive home, your family can begin to look into children available for adoption. On the Heart Gallery you'll see pictures and biographies of children legally available for adoption. Once you've found a child/children you're interested in learning more about, contact the organization and provide the completed home study to the child's case manager. This person will help you determine if the child may be a good match for your family. If your family and the child are potentially a good match, the case manager will work with you to transition the child into your home.