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Action Items

1. Select and implement programming to meet

2. Offer policy and/or benefit options that support wellness
"Implement the Plan"
"Wellness is something we do with
and for team members…. It’s not
something we do to them."
-Tonya Vyhlidal, WorkWell Program Director,
Lincoln, Nebraska

3 Objective Graphic - Awareness, Interventions & Education

Select and Implement Programming to Meet Objectives

It is now appropriate to begin choosing and implementing the appropriate health and productivity interventions. These interventions will most likely include tobacco cessation, physical activity, weight management, self-care, and stress management. 

READ Choosing Appropriate Interventions (WELCOA)

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Once the appropriate health promoting interventions are up and running, it is time to create a supportive environment. Indeed, by having a supportive environment, organizations can be confident that employees will be supported in their efforts to lead healthier lives. Environmental interventions may take the form of policies, physical modifications, and rewards and incentives. 

READ Creating a Supportive Environment (WELCOA)


Blank Wellness Plan Template

Sample Wellness Plan

Sample Program Activities


Offer Policy and/or Benefit Options that Support Wellness

Educational materials, activities, and challenges create awareness and help generate interest in behavior change. However, the implementation of policies and benefits to create an environment that supports healthy behaviors are what help sustain those changes over time. In addition, these types of changes have the ability to impact all employees, potentially providing a greater return on investment than individual-focused activities.

Examples of policy change you might consider for your organization. - Partners for a Healthy City is working with businesses to implement policy changes related to creating opportunities for physical activity and/or making healthy food and beverage choices available in your environments.



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