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Action Items

1. Evaluate the Process

2. Mesaure Outcomes

3. Communicate the Results
"Evaluate the Program"
"I am amazed at how worksite
wellness has become a national
pastime. There’s a lot that we’ve
got to learn and a lot of things that
we’ve got to accomplish. It just
says to me that we’ve come a long
way but we’ve still got a long way
to go."
- William M. Kizer, Sr., founder and inspiration
for worksite wellness in America and the
Wellness Councils of the Midlands (WELCOM)

Evaluate the Process

Evaluating the process relies on feedback from employees and leadership about the acceptance of the wellness program. The purpose is to assess whether the elements of the program were completed as intended. If results suggest that program objectives were not met, evaluating the process can help determine which program component was not implemented as expected and the reasons why.

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Measure Outcomes

Week in Review Checklist
The purpose of outcome evaluation is to assess changes in attitudes, behaviors (both short term and sustained over time), and health risks. It can be more difficult to perform outcome evaluation than process evaluation since the results can take longer to compile, but the information gathered from this type of evaluation is extremely valuable. Outcome evaluation relies on the presence of baseline data for a well-defined group of people to compare with data gathered after implementing the program. 



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Communicate the Results

After completing the evaluation, compile the results into a brief report to share with leadership and employees, highlighting progress towards reaching the goals outlined in the wellness plan. The evidence-based process for worksite wellness is cyclical:  Once there is sufficient leadership support for a program, these steps should be followed on a regular basis, so the results gained from evaluation can be used to improve upon the wellness program and achieve even greater results in the future.




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