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Action Items

1. Obtain support from
senior management

2. Designate an individual
to administer wellness

3. Form a wellness

4. Begin marketing the
wellness program
" Build the Foundation"
"Our wellness program is far
greater than a simple benefit. It is a
key aspect of our strong employee
-Lindsay Cosimano, Chief Marketing Officer,
CQuence Health Group

ChecklistObtain Support from Senior Management

Capturing CEO support is crucial if you are looking to build a results-oriented wellness program. This article helps you learn the art and science of this process.  READ Capturing CEO Support (WELCOA)
  • Leadership Survey (WELCOA) - Use this survey tool to assess where your senior level executives stand when it comes to supporting health promotion in your organization.

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Designate an Individual to Administer the Wellness Program

A full or part-time wellness coordinator may be designated to manage the wellness program. A wellness committee is still necessary to help share some of the duties required to carry out wellness efforts, but having a qualified person responsible for the program increases the likelihood that the program will be effective.

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Form a Wellness Committee

Once CEO support has been captured, the next task is to create a cohesive wellness team. Teams are essential to building great wellness programs because they help distribute the responsibility for wellness throughout the organization. 

READ Creating a Cohesive Wellness Team (WELCOA)

North Carolina Health Smart Worksite Wellness Toolkit’s Committee Workbook

The Committee Workbook is a comprehensive guide for developing a well-organized worksite wellness committee. The Workbook also provides step-by-step instructions for developing and planning a wellness program that supports healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco cessation and stress management. Sample meeting agendas, employee and worksite surveys, informational posters and letters and evaluation surveys are included

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Begin Marketing the Wellness Program

Your program won’t be successful if employees think they don’t know about it.



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