World Elder Abuse Awareness

Medicaid & Long-Term Care

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Report abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult

Call the Hotline at (800) 652-1999

​World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is June 15th. We encourage your organization to hold activities the week of June 15th that spotlight the mistreatment of older adults, and to communicate how individuals, organizations, and communities can take action now.

Place a spotlight on elder abuse during the WEAAD week. The toolkit below has ideas and tools to help you plan and implement an effective awareness event in your area. Brochures, fact sheets, and flyers are below. They can be downloaded.

Tool Kit & Images 

WEAAD Logo.jpgWEAAD Logo
WEAAD Tool Kit.pdfWEAAD Tool Kit

Brochures, Factsheets and Flyers

AARP Banksafe.pdfAARP Banksafe
AARP Is a Joint Account Right for Me.pdfAARP Is a Joint Account Right for Me
AARP Tipsheet - Deciphering Dementia.pdfAARP Tipsheet - Deciphering Dementia
An Emerging Epidemic Brochure Spanish.pdfAn Emerging Epidemic Brochure Spanish
An Emerging Epidemic Brochure.pdfAn Emerging Epidemic Brochure
CFPB Identity Theft Protection Guide.pdfCFPB Identity Theft Protection Guide
CFPB Mortgage Closing Scams.pdfCFPB Mortgage Closing Scams
Crime Prevention Council Fact Sheet.pdfCrime Prevention Council Fact Sheet
Dementia Caregiver Brochure.pdfDementia Caregiver Brochure
Don't Fall Victim to Fraud English.pdfDon't Fall Victim to Fraud English
Don't Fall Victim to Fraud Spanish.pdfDon't Fall Victim to Fraud Spanish
Elder Abuse Bookmarks.pdfElder Abuse Bookmarks
Elder Abuse Poster.pdfElder Abuse Poster
Elder Fraud - Western Union.pdfElder Fraud - Western Union
Financial Exploitation Placemat.PDFFinancial Exploitation Placemat
Fraud Brochure English - Western Union.pdfFraud Brochure English - Western Union
Fraud Brochure Spanish - Western Union.pdfFraud Brochure Spanish - Western Union
Grandparent Scam.pdfGrandparent Scam
Protect the Elderly from Scams Old and New.pdfProtect the Elderly from Scams Old and New
Protect Yourself English.pdfProtect Yourself English
Protect Yourself Spanish.pdfProtect Yourself Spanish
Protect Yourself Vietnamese.pdfProtect Yourself Vietnamese
Send Money Form Warning.pdfSend Money Form Warning
SPEAK UP cards.pdfSPEAK UP cards
Stop and Think Telemarketers Card.pdfStop and Think Telemarketers Card
Sweetheart Scam.pdfSweetheart Scam
Top 10 Scams in Nebraska - 2020.pdfTop 10 Scams in Nebraska - 2020
US Senate Special committee on Aging Fraud Book.pdfUS Senate Special committee on Aging Fraud Book


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