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The state and local agencies work together to jointly develop goals and strategies for the Nebraska WIC Program. This page includes information about our most recent joint goals and our upcoming joint planning process.

Nebraska State WIC Program Goals

Joint Planning Guidance & Materials - FY 2024

Specific due dates and guidance for WIC agencies to submit your FY 2024 Local Agency Plan will be coming soon. Required plan components will be due this fall/winter 2023 with more details to come.


Joint Planning Guidance & Materials (Previous Plan) - FY 2023 

​Important Due Dates for submitting your FY 2023 Local Agency Plan:

Part 1 – Due Dec 16, 2022 - page 1 items on checklist:

  • Checklist Overall
  • Local Agency Plan Check List
  • Local Agency board members List FY 2023
  • Organizational Chart FY 2023
  • Clinic List FY 2023
  • Staff List FY 2023

Part 2 – Due Jan 31, 2023 – page 2 items on checklist:

  • Checklist Overall
  • Checklist Procedure Tracking
  • Narrative Summary
  • Breastfeeding Report
  • Outreach Report
  • WIC Job Descriptions – all
  • Financial Management Procedures – all
  • WIC Operations Procedures - all

Updates and progress on our 4 Joint Goals:

  • Data Goal 
  • Modernize Services Goal 
  • Outreach, Recruitment, Retention Goal 
  • Breastfeeding Goal

Resources & Templates Needed to Complete Your FY 2023 Local Agency Plan:
  • Local Agency Plan Guidance Chart​
  • Data Packet
  • All templates and resources to complete your Local Agency Plans are located on the WIC Business Partner Site
  • Initial written guidance to begin preparations for working on your Local Agency Plans was emailed Oct 5, 2022. A copy of this Email is located in the Plan Resources Library on the WIC Business Partner Site.
  • A remote WIC Director training was held on Nov 3, 2022 to review plan guidance and instructions for submitting FY 2023 LA Plans. A recording from this training was emailed to WIC Directors Nov 22, 2022 for later reference. A link to that training is also included on the WIC Business Partner Site.