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This page contains a variety of resources and information for local agency WIC Directors/Coordinators, including training materials.

WIC Director - Webinars & Guidance

​April 9, 2024

Topic: Understanding Most Used Journey Reports and How to Run Them

Slides & Recording​​ (45 minutes)

  • Participation with Benefits
  • No Show
  • No Food Benefit Pickup
  • Enrollment
  • Missed Appointment
  • Breastfeeding Prevalence
  • Referral Summary
  • BFPC Contact Summary
  • Formula and Medical Food Issuance
  • Breastfeeding Equipment Due
  • Outreach
  • Zip Code​

January 29, 2021

Topics: WIC Program Administration Update; WIC Funding Overview; Subaward; Updated Forms to Request Approval for Purchase; New Data Request Form; Local Agency management Evaluation; 2021 Strategic Planning Process

Recorded Video Sections:

January 15, 2021

Topics: FY2021 Local Agency Plan Guidance​

Recorded Video Sections - emailed guidance

October 1, 2019

Topics: LA Plan FY 2020 Guidance 

Recorded Video Sections:


March 27, 2019

Topics: NE WIC Caseload & Who Are We Reaching; Overview of Outreach & Retention; Overview of the NWA Outreach Campaign; New Outreach & Retention Planning Tools; Working with Healh Care Providers; NE WIC Retention Numbers; Keeping Our Families Retention Strategies; Next Steps for Outreach & Retention; WIC Participant Satisfaction Survey

Recorded Video Sections:

January 23, 2019

Topics: Waiting List; Vendor Manager Role; High Risk Nutrition Education; Evaluating Nutrition Education Materials; Consultant RD Positions; Outreach Plan; Customer Satisfaction Survey Update (pre-eWIC & Post eWIC); Training Clinic Update & Reminders

Recorded Video Sections:


February 13, 2018 Webinar

Topics: Caseload management & outreach; eWIC update; dual participation; confidentiality & release of information; section 504 compliance; participant satisfaction survey 

Recorded Video Sections:

December 4, 2017 Webinar

Topics: Self-monitoring, High Risk Nutrition Education, Voided But Redeemed Checks, Training Clinic Expectations, 2% Milk Issuance, Upcoming Training

Recorded Video Sections:

September 13, 2017 Webinar

Topics: FY 2017 Annual Plan Guidance; Minimum Procedures; Performance measures

Recorded Video Sections:

October 31, 2016 Webinar

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