Growing Healthier Communities Through Prevention


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What you need to know

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DHHS provides integrated resources to local communities to build capacity and to increase preventive screening in adults.

Organizations, community level partners, local health departments and medical facilities work collaboratively with DHHS to assess the needs of the community and priority populations around preventive screening with an emphasis on breast, cervical, and colon cancer, uncontrolled hypertension and obesity. Through community partnership and engagement, pathways to care are developed with implementation of evidence based interventions. Outcomes are meant to improve access to high-quality preventive screening services, enhance community linkages and strengthen data collection and utilization that impact quality of life and health outcomes for Nebraska residents.  

3.1.1. Collaborative Impact Project and Special Project Templates

2023-2027 Breast and Cervical Project Summary Template
2023-2027 Colon Project Summary Template

Collaborative Impact Projects for Breast Health Navigation:
Collaborative Impact for Breast Health Navigation Template                  
EBI-Collaborative Impact Budget Request Form
Collaborative Impact Actual MATCH Form 
Collaborative Impact Estimated MATCH Form              
MATCH Information
DHHS Cancer Screening Navigation
Collaborative Impact Webinar Recording 
What is an Evidence Based Intervention?

Special Project Templates:
CHH Special Projects Template: Reminder Systems (EWM First Screen Prompt and/or Mammogram Prompt Reports) 
CHH Special Projects Template:  Generic EBI
CHH Special Projects Budget Template

Cholesterol Templates:
EBI - Cholesterol Q/A
EBI - Cholesterol EBI Template
EBI - Cholesterol EBI Budget Form
Cholesterol Tracking Sheet
Optics Check Log
Quality Control Log
Cholestech Training Video for the Alere Cholestech LDX (Sections 1-6 of the training video are in accordance with the WMHP guidelines for machine use, set up and finger stick protocol for cholesterol screening.  Part 7 focuses on venipuncture which is not in accordance with WMHP current screening guidelines)

Colon Cancer FIT Kit Distribution/Screening:
FIT Distribution/Screening Plan Template
FIT Distribution/Screening Plan Template (word doc)
Community FIT Kit Request Form  ||  Community FIT Kit Request Form - SPANISH
FIT Kit Labeling Instructions
CHH Data Entry Instructions
CRC FIT Distribution Sites Tracking Form
CRC Colon Cancer Primary Care Provider Listing
CRC Special Projects Budget Request Form
Inflatable Colon Rental Information
Roland the Inflatable Colon
March Flyer (English)  ||  (Spanish)

Quarterly Progress Reports:
Progress Report/Invoice Template  (version 1/2023) 
Quarterly Progress Report Webinar Recording 

3.1.3. Evidence-Based Interventions / Healthy Behavior Support Services 

​EWM offers free or reduced cost Healthy Behavior Support Services (HBSS) to help clients reach their weight, fitness, and nutrition goals.  HBSS may include the following:

Health Coaching:
Health Coaching Guidance
What is Health Coaching? || What is Health Coaching (Spanish)
Goal Setting || Goal Setting (Spanish)


Blood Pressure Tracker Tool (only available in English)
 Enro​ll Now

Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure Tracker Tool:
Blood Pressure Tracker Tool Guidance
Blood Pressure Tracker Tool Flyer
Blood Pressure Tracker Tool Webinar

Online Blood Pressure Tracker Tool

What Can I Do to Improve My Blood Pressure? || What Can I Do to Improve My Blood Pressure? (Spanish)
What is High Blood Pressure? || What is High Blood Pressure? (Spanish)
Do You Know Your Blood Pressure (BP) Numbers? || Do You Know Your Blood Pressure (BP) Numbers? (Spanish)
Blood Pressure Logs
Blood Pressure Measurement Instructions  ||  Blood Pressure Measurement Instructions (Spanish)
What About African Americans and High Blood Pressure

National Diabetes Prevention Program:
National Diabetes Prevention Program Guidance
NDPP Flyer
Prediabetes Risk Test || Prediabetes Risk Test (Spanish)
Road to Diabetes Infographic  || Road to Diabetes Infographic (Spanish)
About Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes  || About Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes (Spanish)

Living Well Program:
Living Well Program Guidance
Living Well Flyer  || Living Well Flyer (Spanish)

Walk & Talk Tool Kit:
Walk & Talk Program Guidance
Walk & Talk Tool Kit
Activity Tracker || Activity Tracker (Spanish)
Fit In Walking Morning, Noon, or Night  

Walk & Talk Tool Kit - Week 1 - Spanish
Walk & Talk Tool Kit - Week 2 - Spanish   

Health Coaching Education Only:
Health Coaching Infographic || Health Coaching Infographic (Spanish)

Resources, News and Updates

    Tobacco Resources

How to Refer Patients to the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline
Tobacco Free Nebraska Fax Referral Form
Tobacco Free Nebraska Frequently Asked Questions || Spanish (PDF) 
Tobacco Free Nebraska Cessation Resources List || Spanish (PDF) 
Tobacco Free Nebraska Quitline Order Form
Quitting Chew Resource (English) || Spanish (PDF)
Diabetes & Tobacco

Are you looking for Continuing Education?

Nebraska Tobacco Quitline Adds Continuing Education Opportunity for Healthcare Providers

Accredited courses are now available online, through the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline, for providers looking to receive CME, CNE, or CPE credits.  To access tools, resources, and education modules, plus the web and fax referrals for providers ready to help patients quit, go to:   

    Trainings and Continuing Education Resources

Health Equity and Prevention Primer  - web-based training series for public health practitioners and advocates interested in achieving health, safety and health equity through policy advocacy, community change, and 
multi-sector engagement. - dedicated to providing free, professional support services including counseling, support groups, educational workshops, publications and financial assistance. 

PeerView Institute - dedicated to improving clinical competence and performance, patient outcomes and ultimately public health through the provision of continuing education (CME and professional development activities.  Credits are available FREE of charge for physicians and nurses.  Many classifications of topics are available.

American Academy of CME, Inc. - recognizes the importance of continuing education for professional development for healthcare professionals and the need to address clinical practice gaps that impact patient care.  The Academy provides certified continuing education to physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, dieticians, social workers/case managers, transplant coordinators and other healthcare professionals.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - clinical practice guidelines and resources are housed on this site.
Public Health and Primary Care Collaboration: A Practice-Based Approach 
The University of Minnesota is offering a one-hour course that challenges learners to discuss similarities and differences between public health departments and primary care clinics, identify problems as well as solutions, and design action steps to promote collaboration using a process-based perspective.