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Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

This is a very exciting time in your life. Sometimes it may be stressful as well. Living a healthy lifestyle will give your baby a healthy start​.

Click on the three topics below for health tips that may help prevent problems in your and your baby's health. 


Before You Are Pregnant

Tips for Women and Men, STDs and Infections, Between Pregnancies

During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Stages, Prenatal and Post-partum Visit, Immunizations, Mental and Physical Health, Monitor Baby's Movement

Prevent Pre-term Birth

Pregnancy Discomforts, High-risk Pregnancy, Pre-term Labor and Early Birth

Learn more about Medicaid eligibility​.  

For more information about the Maternal-Infant Health Program, contact: 

Jackie Moline
Maternal Infant Health Program Manager 
Office Number
(402) 471-0165
Cell Number
(402) 326-6415