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​ ​​​​Safety Topics

1. Infant/Family Safety Topics:

Infant/Family Safety Topics: A variety of resources are listed here to help you learn more about infant and family safety. The list includes: 911, car seats, poison control, family safety check and adult and child abuse.


2. Abusive Head Trauma/​Shaken Baby Syndrome:


Abusive Head Trauma (AHT), also known as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is a form of physical child abuse to a baby or young child. AHT is 100 percent preventable. AHT can be caused by shaking alone or from an injury that results in a whiplash motion that may cause bleeding inside the brain or eyes. Even a few seconds of violent shaking can cause serious injuries. Learn more about Abusive Head Trauma / Shaken Baby Syndrome at the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome​.

123 Don't Shake Me Brochure: EnglishSpanish


- The National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) or http://www.childhelp.org/;

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome;

The Period of Purple Crying;

Forever Shaken: A 30-minute documentary produced by the parents of a child who was the victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome, looking at the long-term impact of children's lives after being shaken.

- Help guide : When your baby won't stop crying.  ​

3. Soothing Infant Crying:

Babies cry. Crying is a baby's way of communicating and is a part of the normal developmental behavior of infants. Sometimes babies just cry, and there is nothing you can do about it. It's not your fault. Inconsolable crying is a primary trigger for shaking a baby.

Don't be caught off guard. Shaking, throwing, hitting, or hurting a baby is NEVER an appropriate response. Learn more on how to comfort your crying baby and the resources available if you need help.  

State Statute

Download Sudden Infant Death and Shaken Baby Syndrome Information Acknowledgement Form here:

In 2006, the Nebraska Legislature passed a law requiring hospitals, birthing centers and other medical facilities to present a video and reading materials to new parents, discussing the dangers of shaking a baby and sudden infant death syndrome. View the full State Statute here: Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2103, information for parents of newborn child and requirements.

Brochures and video are available in English and Spanish.

The Law requires that video and reading materials be approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. Contact DHHS at Jackie.moline@nebraska.gov for review any material not provided by Department of Health and Human Services and for a list of approved materials. 

Brochures and Videos are available in English and Spanish.