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​​After a Medicaid recipient passes away, Estate Recovery works with families, courts, attorneys and others to recover funds for the Nebraska Medicaid Program.

People often have assets and resources that are disregarded when they apply for Medicaid. Depending on the nature of the asset or resource, it may be subject to recovery.

Estate Recovery will review available assets, liabilities and other situations to determine funds that should be pursued for recovery.

Certification Requests:

The "Request for CERTIFICATION of No Recoverable Amount" is available below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon does the Asset Form need to be completed and returned?  
We want to make sure that you have everything taken care of before you return the form to us.  It might take a month or more to know final funeral expenses or other outstanding medical bills that need to be paid.  Funeral expenses take priority over our claim and should be paid prior to returning the form.

What documentation needs to be returned with the Asset Form? 

Please send copies of monthly bank statements that include the decedent's date of death.  Copies of later statements may be included if there was activity in the account after the date of death.  Also, please send a copy of the funeral statement from the funeral home and any other receipts from the funeral/burial expenses.  Copies of life insurance policies may be included if they show who the beneficiaries are of the policy.

Does a death certificate need to be included?

No, we do not need a copy of the death certificate.

Does DHHS put liens on property?

No, we do NOT put liens on property.  DHHS is a creditor, similar to a doctor or hospital.

Is the $4,000 disregard for eligibility determination considered an asset?

Yes, disregarding $4,000 for Medicaid eligibility determination only applies during the life of the recipient. Upon death, funds not used by the recipient are assets of the estate and subject to Medicaid Estate Recovery.

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Estate Recovery accepts forms through email or the U.S. Postal Service.

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