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Applications for Licensure


Before applying for a license, please see How to Apply for a Child Care or Preschool License​

News Release 5/08/24: DHHS Extends Coverage Of Fingerprinting Costs For Child Care Providers To 2029

In Nebraska, anyone who provides child care to four or more children from different families must be licensed as a child care provider. There are five license types: Family Child Care Home I, Family Child Care Home II, Child Care Center, Preschool, and School-Age-Only Center.

Amendment - Notification of Changes for Family Child Care Home I and II, Child Care Center, School-Age-Only Center, or Preschool

A licensee (owner of the program) must notify the Department and complete the required paperwork when there is a change of:

  • Household Membership; to add or change
  • Location
  • Days of Operation
  • Hours of Operation
  • Licensed Age Range
  • Name of Program
  • Capacity Total
  • Space Usage; to add or change (Not change in Location)
  • Name of Licensee
  • Staff or Volunteer; to add or change
  • Preferred Mailing Address
  • Change of Director *Child Care Center, School-Age-Only Center, Preschool ONLY*
  • Primary Provider *Family Child Care Home I or II ONLY*

When amending an application, please go to the appropriate "Amendment to an Application" documents in the Applications for Licensure section for the application and instructions.  


  • Provisional License - capacity less than 30     $25
  • Provisional License - capacity 30 or more      $50
  • Yearly License fee - capacity less than 30     $25
  • Yearly License fee - capacity 30 or more      $50

The fee must be received before a license will be issued.

License fees are non-refundable.

Fees must be paid by check or money order. Cash is not acceptable.

Please mail fees to:

DHHS Licensure Unit
Children's Services Licensing
PO Box 94986
Lincoln NE 68509-4986

Information & Resources for Licensed Child Care/Preschool Providers

For information specific to your license type, please visit the page for that license type.

Requesting Copies of Inspections (Compliance Reviews)

Compliance Reviews are completed whenever Child Care Licensing conducts an inspection or investigates a complaint at a licensed child care or preschool facility. Compliance Reviews are available to the public.

Requests can be made to:

  • For Douglas, Sarpy, or Washington Counties:
    DHHS Division of Public Health
    Children's Services Licensing
    1313 Farnham St 3rd Floor
    Omaha NE 68102
    (402) 595-1221
  • For all other counties:
    DHHS Division of Public Health
    Children's Services Licensing
    PO Box 94986
    Lincoln NE 68509-4986
    (800) 600-1289

When making a request, please provide:

  • The name and address of the child care or preschool facility
  • The name, address, and daytime phone number of the person making the request


  • For 10 or fewer pages: no charge.
  • For 11 or more pages: $.25 per page
  • For time to process a request: $14.35/hour (after 10 pages)
  • Postage: determined by weight (after 10 pages)

For the Child Care Subsidy Program call (402) 471-9152.

Children's Services Licensing Contact Information
Department of Health & Human Services/Division of Public Health/Licensure Unit
Phone Number
Lincoln (402) 471-6564
Omaha (402) 595-3343
Toll Free Number
(800) 600-1289
Fax Number
(402) 742-2390
Mailing & Physical Addresses

DHHS Licensure Unit
Children's Services Licensing
PO Box 94986
Lincoln NE 68509-4986


Lincoln: Nebraska State Office Building
301 Centennial Mall South
14th & M Streets, 3rd Floor
Lincoln NE 68508

Omaha: Omaha State Office Building
1313 Farnam, 3rd Floor
Omaha NE 68102

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Closed on federal holidays