Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program

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​​​Colorectal Cancer Screening Age Update:

The Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program has changed its screening age from 50 years of age to 45 in order to fall in line with the 2021 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations. 

The program will update forms as resources are available to reflect this change.

​​Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program (NCP) is a colon cancer screening program that offers enrollment, screening and education to Nebraska men and women who are 45-74 years of age.

Program Goals:

  • Educate Nebraskans about the need for colon cancer screening
  • Decrease, through preventive screening, the number of Nebraskans who develop colon cancers
  • Provide education and/or colon screening tests to Nebraskans who are under or uninsured

Tests and services may include:

  • Home based screening test kit (i.e., FIT/FOBT) for at-home testing and/or colonoscopy.  All screenings are based upon family and personal history and must be pre-approved by NCP staff. 
  • Colonoscopy following a positive home based screening test
  • Review of health history and education about colon and rectal cancer screening
  • Colonoscopy as initial screening test if determined to be the best screening test based on health history

How do I Qualify and Enroll in the NCP?

Who Qualifies for NCP?
Gender:Male or Female
Income:Must meet Income Guidel​​ines
Health Insurance:Must not have health insurance
Citizenship:US Citizen and Nebraska Resident
Health Status:Program enrollment is based upon personal history, family history, and funding availability.

You can enroll in the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program (NCP) by calling the program at (800) 532-2227 to request a Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire (HLQ) or you can click on the "ENROLL NOW" button below to fill out the online HLQ. 

  • Filling out the HLQ will help NCP determine what services are best for you.
  • Please be sure to answer all questions.  If you don't we will call you or send the form back and this could delay important health screenings. 
  • Do not make an appointment with your health care provider until you receive information from NCP about the services that you are eligible for. 
  • If you are not eligible for services, you can still get health education.



Common Questions and Answers: 

What if I need a home based screening test or colonoscopy and I'm under 45?

If you are under 45 years of age, you cannot enroll and receive services.

I received an home based screening test kit but it is past the date listed in the letter.  What do I do?

The letter has a date listed to encourage screening as soon as possible.  Typically NCP gives you 30 days to complete a home based screening test kit.  The kit is not expired.  You can go ahead and use the kit and send it in.

I lost my home based screening test kit.  How do I get another kit?

Call the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program at (800) 532-2227.