Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program

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What you need to know

​Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program (NCP) is a colon cancer screening program that offers enrollment, screening and education to Nebraska men and women who are 50-74 years of age.

Program Goals:

  • Educate Nebraskans about the need for colon cancer screening
  • Decrease, through preventive screening, the number of Nebraskans who develop colon cancers
  • Provide education and/or colon screening tests to Nebraskans who are under or uninsured

Tests and services may include:

  • Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) kit for at-home testing and/or colonoscopy.  All screenings are based upon family and personal history and must be pre-approved by NCP staff. 
  • Colonoscopy following a positive Fecal Occult Blood Test
  • Review of health history and education about colon and rectal cancer screening
  • Colonoscopy as initial screening test if determined to be the best screening test based on health history

How do I Qualify and Enroll in the NCP?

Who Qualifies for NCP?
Gender:Male or Female
Income:Must meet Income Guidel​​ines
Health Insurance:Must not have health insurance
Citizenship:US Citizen and Nebraska Resident
Health Status:Program enrollment is based upon personal history, family history, and funding availability.

You can enroll in the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program (NCP) by calling the program at (800) 532-2227 to request a Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire (HLQ) or you can click on the "ENROLL NOW" button below to fill out the online HLQ. 

  • Filling out the HLQ will help NCP determine what services are best for you.
  • Please be sure to answer all questions.  If you don't we will call you or send the form back and this could delay important health screenings. 
  • Do not make an appointment with your health care provider until you receive information from NCP about the services that you are eligible for. 
  • If you are not eligible for services, you can still get health education.



Common Questions and Answers: 

What if I need a FOBT or colonoscopy and I'm under 50?

If you are under 50 years of age, you cannot enroll and receive services.

I received an FOBT kit but it is past the date listed in the letter.  What do I do?

The letter has a date listed to encourage screening as soon as possible.  Typically NCP gives you 30 days to complete a FOBT kit.  The kit is not expired.  You can go ahead and use the kit and send it in.

I lost my FOBT kit.  How do I get another kit?

Call the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program at (800) 532-2227.

How do I do an FOBT kit?  Are there instructions?

When NCP sends you a FOBT kit you will receive written instructions on how to do the at-home test. 
FOBT Instructions (English)     FOBT Instructions (Spanish)
FOBT Instructions (English and Spanish) with Pictures

Included in the packet is also a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid.
FOBT Tips (English)     FOBT Tips (Spanish)