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​​​​​​​​​Types of Credentials Issued by Nebraska:

Psychologist (doctorate degree in psychology) is an individual who provides psychological testing/evaluation or assessment of personal characteristics; counseling, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, hypnosis, biofeedback, behavior analysis and therapy; diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders, alcoholism and substance abuse, disorders of habit or conduct, and the psychological aspects of physical illness, accident, injury, or disability; psychoeducational evaluation, therapy, remediation, and consultation.

Psychological Assistant (master's degree in psychology) is an individual who administers and scores and may develop interpretations of psychological testing under the supervision of the licensed psychologist.

Provisional License as a Psychologist is issued to a person who needs to obtain the required 1-year of supervised postdoctoral experience in psychology (obtained in Nebraska) to obtain a license as a psychologist.

30-Day Practice Authorization allows a licensed psychologist (doctorate degree) in another jurisdiction to provide no more than a total of 30 days of professional services as a psychologist in Nebraska during the 12 month period beginning with the first date of issuance of the authorization letter.



Nebraska is a PSYPACT state. The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB​) is accepting applications to practice under PSYPACT​.  PSYPACT authorizes licensed psychologists to provide psychological services via telepractice (APIT) and/or temporary practice up to 30 days (e.passport) into those states that are PSYPACT members.  

For more information and to apply click here​.    

Telepsychology: In order to practice telepsychology in PSYPACT states, psychologists licensed in PSYPACT states only can apply to the PSYPACT Commission for an Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT). One required component of this authority granted from the PSYPACT Commission is that psychologists must obtain an E.Passport Certificate from ASPPB. 

Temporary Practice:​​ In order to conduct temporary practice in PSYPACT states, psychologists licensed in PSYPACT states only can apply to the PSYPACT Commission for a Temporary Authorization to Practice (TAP). One required component of this authorization granted from the PSYPACT Commission is that psychologists must apply for and obtain an Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate (IPC) from ASPPB. 

Proposed Rules: 

The Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT) Commission has published Proposed Rules for consideration. The Proposed Rules can be found HERE.

Examination Information

Please contact us for an application.

National Standardized - Eligibility:
In order to take the EPPP, you must:

Next Steps:

  1. The Department will pre‐approve you to take the EPPP.
  2. The Department will enter your identifying information into an online EPPP registration system.
  3. You will be sent 2 consecutive emails, the 1st advising you that your licensing board has uploaded your information into the system, and the 2nd provides information for you to verify your account and begin the registration process.
  4. Once you receive the 1st email, you have 90 days to verify your account.

Board-Developed Jurisprudence - Eligibility:
In order to take the jurisprudence examination, you must:

  • Have an active Provisional License.

Examination Content:

The Board-Developed Jurisprudence Examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions covering knowledge about: Counseling Psychology; Industrial/Organizational Psychology; School Psychology; Ethics; Nebraska Statutes, Rules and Regulations; Federal Requirements; Professional and Sexual Relationships; Advertisements; and Research.

This examination is open-book.

Renewal, Continuing Education & Reinstatement

​​​Psychology or Special License:

Process: To reinstate from either inactive or expired status, you must:

  • Meet the continuing education requirement (24 hours)
  • Submit a complete reinstatement application and renewal/reinstatement fees as listed on the reinstatement application. Hours taken to reinstate your license can also be used to renew your license at the end of that renewal period so you are not required to have additional hours for renewal. 

Reinstatement Application

Renewal dates and number of CE hours: 

​License Type​Expiration​CE Hours
​Licensed Psychologist​01/01 each odd-numbered year​24 hours
​Special Licensed Psychologist​01/01 each odd-numbered year​24 hours
​Provisionally Licensed Psychologist​2 years from date of issuance​0 hours
​Temporary License as a Psychologist​1 year from date of issuance or upon change of supervisor(s)​0 hours
​30-day Permit​1 year from date of issuance​0 hours
​Psychological Assistant or Psychologist Associate​Upon change of supervisor or termination​0 hours


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