Title 172 Professional and Occupational Licensure

Statutes & Regs

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What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know

Chapter 1     
Rules of Practice and Procedure Governing Reinstatement of Health Professional License

Chapter 2       Amended 9/15/2020 

Chapter 3      
Definitions of Conflicts of Interest for Members of Boards of Examiners in the Health Professions

Chapter 4       Amended 1/10/2021
Credentialing Review Program        

Chapter 5       Amended 9/15/2020 
Mandatory Reporting by Health Care Professionals, Facilities, Peer Review Organizations, Professional Associations, and Insurers

Chapters 6-8

Chapter 9       Adopted 6/10/2020 
Business Credentials Issued Under the Uniform Credentialing Act

Chapter 10      Adopted 6/24/2019 
Credentials Issued Under the Uniform Credentialing Act

Chapter 11      Amended 7/20/2020 
Licensure of Out-of-Hospital Emergency Care Providers

Chapter 12      Amended 3/5/2022
Licensure of Emergency Medical Services

Chapter 13      Amended 7/20/2020
Emergency Medical Services Training Agencies

Chapter 14      Repealed 5/6/2020  
Use of Automated External Defibrillators

Chapter 15      Amended 6/15/2021 
Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Chapter 16      Repealed 6/15/2021 
Fees Relating to Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Chapter 17      Amended 10/20/2020 
Licensure of Athletic Trainers

Chapters 18-22

Chapter 23      Amended 12/13/2020 
Licensure of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists

Chapter 24      Amended 12/13/2020 
Registration of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

Chapters 25-28

Chapter 29      Amended 10/20/2020 

Chapter 30      Repealed 10/20/2020 
Regulations Defining and Governing the use of Routine Procedures by Chiropractors

Chapters 31-33

Chapter 34       Amended 9/30/2020 
Sanitation and Safety Relating to Cosmetology, Esthetic, and Nail Technology Services

Chapter 35

Chapter 36      Amended 6/20/2020 
Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology

Chapter 37      Amended 6/20/2020     
Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology Schools, Satellite Classrooms, and Apprentice Salons

Chapters 38-42

Chapter 43      Repealed 9/30/2020 
Sanitation and Safety Relating to Cosmetology and Esthetics Services

Chapter 44
Practice of Body Art

Chapter 45
Body Art Facilities

Chapter 46
Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization Relating to Body Art Facilities

Chapters 47-52

Chapter 53      Amended 12/23/2020 
Unlicensed Dental Assistants and the Licensure of Dental Assistants

Chapter 54      Repealed 5/6/2020 
Professional Advertising by Dentists

Chapter 55      Amended 9/15/2020 
Dental Office Maintenance

Chapter 56      Amended 12/23/2020
Licensure of Dentists; Minimal, Moderate, or General Anesthesia/Deep Sedation

Chapter 57      Amended 12/23/2020 
Licensure of Dental Hygienists 

Chapters 58      Amended 9/15/2020
Dental Faculty Licenses        

Chapters 59-60

Chapter 61      Amended 9/15/2020 
Medical Nutrition Therapists

Chapters 62-66

Chapter 67      Amended 9/30/2020
Funeral Directors and Embalmers        

Chapter 68      Amended 9/30/2020
Funeral Establishments and Branch Establishments        

Chapter 69      Amended 3/22/2020
Licensure of Crematories         

Chapter 70
Not DHHS -- Rules and Regulations of the State Anatomical Board of the State of Nebraska

Chapters 71-74

Chapter 75      Amended 6/16/2020
Practice of Hearing Aid Instrument Dispensers and Fitters

Chapters 76-80

Chapter 81      Amended 6/7/2021 
Licensure of Massage Therapists

Chapter 82      Amended 6/7/2021
Licensure of Massage Therapy Establishments

Chapter 83      Repealed 6/7/2021
Licensure of Massage Therapy Schools

Chapters 84-87

Chapter 88      Amended 6/16/2020
Licensure of Medicine and Surgery and Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery

Chapter 89      Amended 9/4/2021 
Practice of Acupuncture

Chapter 90      Amended 12/14/2021 
Licensure and Supervision of Physician Assistants

Chapter 91      Amended 8/10/2021
Licensure of Perfusionists         

Chapter 92      Amended 8/10/2021
Licensure of Genetic Counselors        

Chapter 93      Adopted 11/1/2021
Licensure of Persons Performing Medical Radiography

Chapter 94      Amended 7/12/2021 
Independent Mental Health Practitioners, Mental Health Practitioners, Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, and Social Workers

Chapter 95
Provision of Medications by Medication Aides and Other Unlicensed Persons

Chapter 96
Medication Aide Registry

Chapter 97      Amended 8/10/2021
Approval of Basic Nursing Programs in Nebraska

Chapter 98      Amended 9/19/2020 
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licensure

Chapter 99      Amended 10/5/2020 
Provision of Nursing Care

Chapter 100     Repealed 9/19/2020 
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Chapter 101     Amended 10/5/2020 
Practice of Nursing

Chapter 102     Repealed 10/4/2020 
Practice of Licensed Practical Nurses - Certified

Chapter 103     Repealed 9/19/2020 
Practice of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Chapter 104     Repealed 9/19/2020 
Practice of Certified Nurse Midwives

Chapter 105     Amended 7/13/2021 
Paid Dining Assistants

Chapter 106     Amended 9/21/2020 
Nursing Home Administrators

Chapter 107     Repealed 9/19/2020 
Clinical Nurse Specialists

Chapter 108 
Approval of Training Programs and Qualifications for Nursing Assistants in Nursing Homes

Chapters 109-113

Chapter 114      Amended 6/20/2020 
Licensure of Occupational Therapy

Chapters 115-119

Chapter 120      Amended 3/21/2022
Licensure of Optometrists          

Chapters 121-127

Chapter 128      Amended 11/3/2020 
Practice of Pharmacy and Credentialing of Pharmacy Personnel

Chapters 129

Chapter 130      Adopted 11/3/2020 
Mail Service Pharmacy Licensure

Chapter 131
Wholesale Drug Distributors

Chapters 132-133

Chapter 134
Public Health Clinics Operating with a Drug Dispensing Permit

Chapters 135-136

Chapter 137      Amended 6/20/2020 
Licensure of Physical Therapy

Chapters 138-142

Chapters 143     Amended 12/26/2021 
Practice of Podiatry

Chapters 144-154

Chapter 155      Amended 10/04/2020 
Psychology Licenses

Chapter 156
Unprofessional Conduct by a Psychologist

Chapter 157
Code of Professional Conduct for the Practice of Psychology

Chapter 158     Repealed 3/25/2020
Fees for Psychology Licenses and Certifications

Chapters 159-161

Chapter 162    Amended 5/17/2020
Licensure of Respiratory Care

Chapters 163-167

Chapter 168    Amended 5/23/2020
Certification as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist

Chapters 169-179

Chapter 180    Amended 11/1/2021 
Practice of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Chapters 181

Chapter 182    Amended 11/1/2021
Licensure of Animal Therapists        

Chapters 183-185

Chapter 186
Not DHHS -- Rules and Regulations Relating to Sanitation in Barber Shops and Barber Schools and Colleges