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Question: How long are applications kept on file before they are destroyed?

Answer: Five years

Question: Will my license be issued the same day the application is received?

Answer: Due to the high volume of applications received in our office each day, we cannot provide same day processing and issuance of licenses.

Continuing Education

Question: Do I need to send in my certificates?

Answer: No, but you need to keep your certificates for a minimum of 6 years in case you are audited.

Conviction Reporting

Question: Am I required to report traffic convictions?

Answer: Yes, if the conviction was a misdemeanor or felony and you were sentenced or paid a ticket through traffic court. (Infractions are not required to be reported.) Some examples are: No valid registration, no driver's license on person, and driving under suspension.

Question: When do I need to report convictions?

Answer: If you have a misdemeanor or felony conviction or credential discipline, you must report such actions to the Office of Investigations within 30 days of the conviction/action.  Failure to disclose any such convictions/credential discipline could result in disciplinary action.


Question: Do I need to notify your office if I move or change addresses?

Answer: Any correspondence and renewal notices will be sent to the last known address. It is the responsibility of the licensee to keep the department informed of changes.

Question: How do I make my license Inactive?

Answer: A licensee may request that his/her license be placed on inactive status at any time and at no cost by sending a written notice to the Department.

Question: How long do I need to maintain client records?

Answer: The Nebraska statutes/regulations relating to Psychology Licensure in Nebraska do not specify a time limit for record retention. 

Question: What documents are needed to make a name change?

Answer: A photocopy of a marriage certificate, divorce decree, annulment papers, adoption papers, or a court order verifying that a name change has occurred.


Question: Can I reinstate my license online?

Answer: No. You must submit the reinstatement application via U.S. Mail or Fax/E-Mail. Please note that your application will not be reviewed until the required fee has been paid.

Question: Do I have to take an exam again?

Answer: You do not have to take an exam to have your license reinstated.

Question: How many CE hours do I need?

Answer: 24 hours within the past 24 months

Question: If I reinstate now, do I still need to renew my license when it comes up for renewal?

Answer: Yes. However, you will not need to earn an additional 24 hours.  You will be able to waive this requirement since you just got your license.

Question: Is it 24 hours for every year I was expired or inactive?

Answer: No. Only 24 hours of continuing education credit is required.  These 24 hours must be earned during the 24 months immediately prior to the reinstatement application being submitted.

Question: What do I need to do to get my license reinstated?

Answer: In order to reinstate your license you will need to complete a reinstatement application, pay the applicable fee and have completed the required number of continuing education hours for your profession.

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