Dispensing Practitioner Application Processing and Inspection Information


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Application for Dispensing Practitioner

If there are multiple practitioners at one location, one practitioner can apply for the dispensing practitioner license and the other practitioners can be listed on the application as those allowed to dispense under the license.

Once the Department receives the application and the fee, the application will be reviewed by the pharmacy inspector. If there are deficiencies, you will be notified by telephone, e-mail, or US Mail. If the application is complete, you will be issued a provisional pharmacy license up to 5 weeks prior to your opening date. If you change the anticipated date of opening, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact the Department. The pharmacy inspector will then contact you within 60 days to set up a time for the initial on-site inspection.

In order to prepare for the inspection, a facility may use the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Report (PQAR/self-inspection) to check all items for compliance, as they will be covered during the initial inspection completed by the pharmacy inspector.  In this case, the self-inspection form should NOT be sent to the Department after completion.  Please note the date of the initial on-site inspection as this will become the date that your self-inspection is due every year thereafter.

Upon passage of the inspection, the application file will be reviewed for issuance of a permanent dispensing practitioner license. Please note that this permanent license number will be different than your provisional license number. You will want to advise insurance carriers of the change. The facility will NOT be required to obtain a new DEA registration based on the change from provisional status to permanent status.