ReliaCard ® Visa ® (Debit Card)

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Economic Assistance
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What would you like to do?

What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged call (855) 282-6161 for replacement

The ReliaCard Visa is a prepaid debit card, offered to DHHS grant recipients, clients and individual service providers who wish to receive their benefits electronically. This No-Cost or Low-Cost payment method is a great alternative to paper checks and direct deposit because it is fast, secure, convenient and easy. 

Gold ReliaCard for Providers and Clients
DHHS Providers & Clients
Gray ReliaCard for child support
Child Support

Fast & Efficient - You won't have to wait for the mail to arrive and have no risk of lost or stolen checks. Your money is automatically deposited to your card account.

Safe & Secure - No need to carry large amounts of cash. Cardholders can get cash from many retailers, over 1 million Visa/Plus branded Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and any bank or credit union accepting Visa.

Convenient - Over 20 million merchants nationwide and more internationally, accept the ReliaCard. It can be used to make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, including grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants.

Easy - No existing bank account, credit approval or minimum balance is required.

Enjoy the security and convenience of electronic payments. Start using your ReliaCard to pay bills, to purchase items or to withdraw cash.

Individuals who receive payments from different state agencies such as provider payments, unemployment compensation or child support payments will receive a separate ReliaCard for each program.   The cards are the same design, but are different colors for easy identification.

Track your ReliaCard Visa purchases and balances each time you use your card. 

Keeping track of your funds is easy to do with a few tools:

  • Record what you earn and spend and don't forget to include cash withdrawals, miscellaneous fees, purchases and State deposits.
  • Compare your records to a mailed monthly account statement.
  • Take advantage of convenient options; receive a text or e-mail message from U.S. Bank when funds are added to your account and when the account reaches or nears zero.  

Checking your available balance is convenient and available 24/7:

  • Perform a balance inquiry at an ATM.
  • Call the toll-free 24-hour toll-free customer service number located on the back of the card.
  • View the account online at US Bank ReliaCard

For your security and confidentiality, U.S. Bank does not share card account numbers or transaction details with anyone but you.  The State cannot view or track individual cardholder's purchases or cash withdrawals.