U. S. Bank ReliaCard® For Providers And Clients

Economic Assistance
Children and Family Services

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If your card is lost, stolen or damaged call (855) 233-8382 for replacement

The ReliaCard is a payment option available to most DHHS clients and service providers. There is NO credit approval, NO existing bank account needed and NO minimum balance required.

How do I sign up?

Receiving the card is simple; DHHS clients can contact iServe​ at (800) 383-4278 and request to have ReliaCard as their payment method. Providers can follow these steps to complete the required form FA-100-ES-P. (English and Spanish forms available.)

  1. Check the ReliaCard box as the desired payment method.
  2. Complete all the required information.
  3. Sign and date the form
  4. Submit the form to your Resource Development worker or e-mail to DHHS.DepositEnrollmentForms@Nebraska.gov

What happens after I request the ReliaCard?

Once you have submitted your request, you can expect to receive your ReliaCard within the next ten days, the card will arrive in a plain white envelope.

Why didn't my card have money on it when it arrived?

When you establish a PIN for your new ReliaCard it may not have money on it yet. DHHS providers are only paid after their claim/billing form is entered and approved by DHHS. Providers should contact ACCESSNebraska or their assigned Resource Development worker with questions about payments.

Cash grant clients receive monthly grants based on a pre-determined schedule.

I have questions about my ReliaCard, who do I contact?

For payment questions such as when the next deposit will be made to the card, or what the amount will be, clients should contact ACCESSNebraska. Providers should contact their Resource Development Worker or Call ACCESSNebraska. For other questions about the ReliaCard, customer service is available 24 hours a day, every day (including holidays), toll-free at (855) 233-8382 (on the card).

If I move does DHHS report my new address to U.S. Bank?

At this time, DHHS does not send updated information such as name, address or phone number changes to U.S. Bank for your ReliaCard. Any time your information changes you should contact U.S. Bank at (855) 233-8382 to provide your current information. If you provide an updated address while ordering a replacement card, the replacement could be delayed up to 5 days while the address information is verified.

I receive child support payments, unemployment compensation, and DHHS provider payments, will the deposits be on one card?

No, individuals who receive payments from different programs will receive a separate ReliaCard for each program. The cards are the same design, but are different colors.

I provide child care and also provide another type of service (chore, respite, PAS, or escort services, for example), for DHHS how are payments processed?

Child care providers will be paid through the single method the provider selects (direct deposit or ReliaCard). Providers who sign up through Maximus to provide other, non-child care services, will also be prompted to select a payment method (direct deposit or ReliaCard). If the provider selects ReliaCard for both services, they may receive payment on separate ReliaCards.

Can I have State funds deposited to a non-U.S. Bank Visa debit card?

Yes. You must provide proof of the financial institution's routing and debit card account numbers (available from the bank or credit union that issued the card), preferably on financial institution for a “spec sheet". Attach the proof (instead of a voided check) to a completed FA-100-ES for direct deposit. Submit it to your Resource Development worker or e-mail to DHHS.DepositEnrollmentForms@Nebraska.gov

What happens if a cardholder decides to switch to having direct deposit into a checking or savings account?

The individual cardholder must complete a Form FA-100-ES or FA-84. DHHS will stop sending payments to the ReliaCard, and start deposits to your account. The cardholder can continue to use the card until any remaining balance has been used.

What happens if a cardholder no longer receives payments from the State?

The State will stop sending payments to the ReliaCard, but the cardholder can continue to use the card until any remaining balance has been used. After benefits are spent, the cardholder should keep the card in a safe place for possible future use.

I am a payee/guardian for a client and need to order a replacement ReliaCard, who do I contact?

To protect the safety of the cardholder, U.S. Bank may not be able to fulfill a request for replacement if the cardholder is unable to speak to them. To receive help ordering the replacement please call the DHHS Issuance and Collections Unit at (877) 232-0242 ext. 2.